What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning

You can clean your carpet in many ways, ranging from bonnet pads and extraction cleaning to steam and encapsulation. Those who clean carpets fall into two main camps: Wet Carpet cleaning and Dry Cleaning Carpets in Adelaide.

It is not surprising that the latter is more popular. You need soap and water to wash anything. This method may work well for smaller fabrics and clothes, but it is not ideal when you have a large floor area. You can’t put 100 square feet of carpet in a tumble dryer or hang it out to dry.

Wet carpet cleaning is a problem because of the long drying times, and the risk of odours arising from carpets that have been left to dry over a period of 48 hours. It doesn’t mean you should never use wet cleaning. When cleaning carpets, there are many things to consider. From the material to its location and traffic. Each method of carpet cleansing is effective, but only when it’s used under the right conditions by professionals.

What is dry carpet cleansing?

It is much easier and quicker than you think to clean carpets with dry powder. Sprinkle a cleaning powder that is lightly moistened and contains the perfect amount of detergents and wetting agents over a carpet. The granules are then brushed into the carpet with a machine, where they begin to work immediately to absorb dirt and to deodorise it. The granules will then be vacuumed up, leaving a clean and dry carpet. This is really as simple as it sounds.

Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is based on the same concept, but comes with an assortment of products and accessories that can be used to clean any type of carpet.

The Process in Detail

Before using carpet powder and the machine, it is common to spray pre-treatments onto the carpet after a quick vacuum. These pre-cleaners are designed to be used on carpets and flooring that is heavily soiled or sees heavy foot traffic. They break down dirt that has been bound to the carpet fibres. A pre-cleaner keeps the soiling suspended once it has been broken down.

Next, apply the carpet cleaner powder. The Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd dry carpet cleaning machine spreads our Pro 40 Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd across the carpet, and brushes them into the pile. A small hand brush can be used for small areas or in residential settings. The granules are agitated into the flooring by the GEN 4 and the crushed pile is raised. Granules then absorb dirt.

The granules change colour as they clean, from pale straw to dark grey. This is an indication that they have trapped and absorbed the dirt. The dirt is vacuumed up, leaving a carpet that’s clean and ready to use.

Dry carpet cleaning has many benefits

No downtime

Dry carpet cleaning has a rapid drying time, which is a major benefit for businesses and institutions that operate 24 hours a day. Dry carpet cleaning does exactly what it says, cleans the carpets while keeping them dry. This method is preferred by businesses that operate 24/7 or require a rapid turnaround. Carpets can be cleaned and returned to use immediately. Wet carpet cleaning requires up to 48 hours for the carpets to dry completely, so sections of a business must be closed or fenced off.

Carpet maintenance is possible at any convenient time for the business. This includes peak hours, early mornings, or overnight.

No watermarks or sticky residue

Water is used in large quantities for wet carpet cleaning. The operator can cause water damage to the carpet, furniture and fixtures by using so much water. Dry carpet cleaning does not use water or liquid detergents, so there are no sticky residues or watermarks.

Shrinkage and Expansion

Certain types of carpets are susceptible to shrinkage and expansion due to sudden changes in temperature and moisture. Dry carpet cleaning is a method that adds little moisture to the carpet, and it is always done at room temperature. This means there is no risk of shrinkage or expansion.

Mildew or mold

Mold or mildew may be a problem when there is excessive moisture, poor ventilation and/or inadequate drying conditions. This can be expensive and can pose a health risk for customers and employees. Dry carpet cleaning does not pose any mould or mildew risk. Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is environmentally friendly and does not compromise indoor air quality.


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