Recladding your home is an absolute necessity to ensure that your outdated or damaged plaster clad house is safe from weather damage, or trying to update and improve an exterior appearance to your house There are a lot of advantages to be gained by the process of house recladding in Auckland. We’ve listed the main reasons why our clients are pleased with the decision to redecorate their house.

1. Bye bye ‘leaky home’ stigma ‘

The majority of people still shudder at the idea of a home that is leaking. It’s ok! The “leaky building crisis” affecting plaster-style monolithic claddings that were constructed from the mid-1980s until mid-2000s has been a constant legal and construction battle for many people. Insufficient weather resistance causes timber framing to decay that can make structures unsound structurally. However, reclad houses are free of the “Leaky Building stigma eliminated because the new claddings conform with the latest standards in the code of building. In reality the case, the reclad leaky house is built to higher standards than a non-leaky house.

2. Say hello to a warm, dry and healthy home

Reclad homes are not just weatherproof, but because the insulation in walls is updated to meet current standards they’re much more comfortable as well. That means no more cracks or bulging walls, or floors that are warped. It also means no further mould, which can be unattractive and could be toxic. The effects of mould can be particularly detrimental to the health of people suffering from allergies, children who have weak immune systems, or older individuals. If you decide to go with double glazing on windows, along with an reclad, their house will be much warmer during colder months as well as a pleasing decrease in noise from the street.

3. Set your home apart from the rest

There is a good chance that your house that has been reclad is in close proximity to similar homes with plaster clad in the same style. If this is the case, you can be sure that your newly reclad home will be distinctive in terms of both quality and value in comparison to other properties in the neighborhood. Additionally, since an excellent exterior cladding system gives a great first impression it is certain that it improves the curb attraction’ to your house as well.

4. Make desirable upgrades to your home

While old and damaged homes needing attention could create anxiety for buyers however, the reverse is the case for a newly clad home. Since a newly clad property features contemporary designs and colors (along with the certainty that they are dry, warm and solid structurally) they are extremely sought-after after they are completed.

5. Better builds with up-to-date warranties

One of the major advantages of a newly clad house is that it isn’t only about the exterior covering. It also comes with current warranties on all wood replacement, new decks, joinery and roofs. It’s a huge burden off your (or the potential buyer’s) shoulders, and provides peace of mind knowing that your house is a place where you can unwind, relax and relax without being the source excessive stress from “things that need to be repaired”.

6. A home to suit your style

Recladding your home gives you the chance to alter or modify the structure of your home to fit your preferences and style. Alongside the replacement of exterior cladding and other adjustments to the exterior It’s also a great opportunity to do some inside work like painting or installing new windows.

7.  No more worries and stress

The longer a home that is leaking is left to decay and decay, the greater the cost of fixing it. When you go through the process of recladding and recladding, you will be free of concerns about structural damages, and long-term health effects and issues with finances that come when you own an unsound plaster-clad home or an old one. Furthermore, you can be at ease knowing that the house is weather-proof solid, structurally sound, and safer to live in, and braced to withstand earthquakes and other seismic phenomena in the event that they occur.

8. Add value to your home

Recladding your house is an opportunity to enhance value. In many cases, there are smart ways to make the house more attractive by enhancing the look of your home as well as improving its functionality and layout, incorporating decks, updating kitchens and bathrooms, as well as making your home a modern and contemporary space that is suited to contemporary living. In the end, the final product is much more valuable than the money you made. After completion, the final result will be an authentic image of what you’d like to see in your home, with no leaks that you can’t!

9. Sell your home if and when it suits you

If your home isn’t your home for the long haul then you’ll be able to sell the house whenever you wish. There’s no need to hurry around finding contractors to make repairs to the house to make it more marketable or be concerned that someone might lower the value because of the job required. All you have to do is contact an agent and put up your home with confidence that the house is structurally sound and that it won’t be questioned. Selling a home is difficult enough but it’s a lot simpler when everything is completed.

10. Put your feet up and enjoy your home

If you decide to remain and reside in your newly new home, you can relax knowing that the job is done. Relax and relax knowing that with regular maintenance the exterior cladding as well as other home improvement projects will endure for many years to take.


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