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If you live in Perth and are are looking for either restoration works or to bring a little more character into your residential or commercial space, then an ornate ceiling might be the right choice for you.

An ornate ceiling can give a room a luxurious feel, whether you are going for a period-style similar to the art deco era of the 1920s, or you are wanting something that is contemporary and made out of pressed metal.

Ornate Ceilings Perth
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When we think of ornate ceilings, ceiling roses, detailed ornate cornices, and architraves, chandeliers, luxurious and opulent rich furnishing in a room may spring to mind. They bring about a romantic and formal feel.

These types of ceilings tend to be made out of plasterboard, and moulds are used to either help restore originals or replicate them.

Pressed metal is also a popular feature for ornate ceilings, with the metal finished in a range of enamel paint colours, it once again can create a beautiful statement and become a talking point in a room.

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Carved wood panelling can also be used to give rooms warmth, and more of a masculine feel achieved with darker timber choices. 

With a little planning and coordinating, ceilings can be the hero of the room, bringing it to life with personality and feeling.

Whether you need it to be a cool and hip space with a customised pressed metal solution, or you want to create a powder room that feels like 1920’s glam, you want a professional team by your side.

If you would like to explore creating an ornate ceiling in your Perth based space, or restoring an existing one, the team at Heron Ceilings are more than happy to guide you through your project and give your rooms that bonus wow factor.

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