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Ceiling Cornices

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Crafting the look and feel of a room is about getting each element to compliment another. Room function, style and personality all come from the choices we make in the design process – from soft furnishing through to construction materials, including our ceilings.

When it comes to ceilings, cornices become an important consideration.

Acting as the border between walls and ceilings, ceiling cornices have a role to play functionally and aesthetically in both residential and commercial spaces, so choosing their design becomes important.

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Functionally, they seal joints between the walls and ceilings of a home; an important role when it comes to keeping the structure of home healthy, as exposed cracks and joints allow for moisture and termites to enter a building.

Whilst new residential builds around Perth may have a ceiling cornice for installation that is white and fairly simple, it’s not the only option for a home or workspace.

Cornice designs can be contemporary, modern, classic, or heritage-inspired, so choosing one that complements the overall design goal of a room – including ceiling roses, soft furnishings and lighting choices – becomes important.

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Traditional ceiling cornice work would be plaster or timber, running in lengths that connect to each other, however with modern technologies, they can also be pressed metal in a range of artistic designs to provide a unique and one of a kind finish to a room.

To get the look and feel for your room completed, why not talk to the team at Heron Ceilings. Your ceiling cornice might just be the artistic edge your room needs.

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