The Essential Checklist for Buying Plants From Home Depot

Home Depot is one of my favorite places to buy plants. You can find KILLER varieties at excellent prices. Knowing what to look out for is critical. Here is my top-rated checklist for buying plants at Home Depot.

Be frequent!

My first tip: Go often! Ask a Home Depot staff member about the day that restocks are made. It is usually the same day each week! Thursdays are my special day at the store! Since we visit Home Depot daily, I always look in the houseplant section. Although I might be less consistent with other things in my life, the garden center is something I check, like clockwork.

Picking out the best plants

Home Depot has some of my favorite plants! The GIANT Monstera, which has leaves as large as UFOs! Home Depot My oldest plant is actually a Staghorn Fern I bought at HD! True story! They can be ordered online and shipped right to your home!

There is so much choice, and many of the same plants (especially on shipping day), how can you choose the best plant for you? Two things are important to me. Healthy mature leaves and unfurling new leaves. The plant’s root system is well established if it has mature healthy leaves. The plant isn’t stressed if it has new unfurling leaves. It’s happy if it’s producing new growth. Sometimes leaves may be damaged from shipping, but that’s okay. If you have the chance, you can weed through all the available leaves and choose the one that speaks to you. These green Maranta Prayer Plants are stunning and they produce tiny white flowers when they’re happy!

Shopping in the right section

Did you know that a Fiddle leaf fig can live outdoors for its entire life but that one who has lived inside can get sunburned like a human? It is because its leaves adjust to changing conditions. Sometimes plants found in the outdoors section could be houseplants. You can think of Cacti, Succulents and Birds of Paradise. You should be able to grab one and put it in your home, right? Wrong. You can only have plants that are hardened and adapted to outdoor conditions in your home. They will go crazy in places where there is less light. The houseplant section is the best place to start if you are looking for houseplants.


I always inspect the roots of any plant before buying it. However, I will only do this for a plant I have made a commitment to. So I’ll pick my favorite and check the roots. Gently hold the plant at its base, then turn it upside-down to take it out of the poter. Healthy roots are firm and light-colored.

Appearance: What’s big and what’s small?

Sometimes, you may see plants with large water spots on the leaves or a white haze. Although it might not look the best, you can easily remove water spots with Neem oil. The white haze that appears on larger leaves can be a deterrent to pests. It is easy to wipe off.

Did you know you can order online and pick it up in-store? Even plants! stocks a wide range of plants, both in-stock and ready for shipment! You can also shop on the Home Depot app by using an image search! It’s great fun to upload a photo of a plant to check if it is available at Home Depot.

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