Sherwin-Williams 2022 Colour of the Year is ……

It’s my favorite year-end project! Sherwin-Williams 2022 Colour of the Year! You may have been following my Instagram Stories updates, so you know that I tried to keep things simple with minimal wall treatments and let the color shine with a monochromatic ceiling, baseboard and molding. We ended up making a huge statement, which I love! !

Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of The Year is Evergreen Fog SW9130. It is a grayish-gray color that is perfect for mid-tones. It isn’t dark like , the 2021 color, or light like 2018, the 2018 color. But it’s enough to make a room feel cozy.

This color is a chameleon combination of green and gray with a hint blue.

This was my office. But after the second half of our renovation, my office moved into the loft. The room that had been my office was now empty and full of supplies for Happy Happy Houseplant. It’s located just outside my entryway and made the space look cluttered. I was eager to clean it up.

This is how it looked before everything was removed.

LOL, big difference!

The walls were previously painted in my favorite custom white. They were beautiful, but I love how this room looks so sophisticated!

To achieve this look, I used a matte effect. This finish is my favorite and I use it all the time. Did you know that a matte sheen makes walls appear less textured? It’s true!

It is amazing how the molding creates shadow details in the blanket of colors. My favorite spot is the door. Just look at that detail! You can find the tutorial here for this simple project!

You may have seen this leather sofa I purchased from Craigslist and had it reupholstered. Court commented that Court didn’t know the couch was so awesome when we took it out of storage. It made me happy that it had been saved for so many years.

It was time to add some plant life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have great lighting so any plants I placed there wouldn’t flourish. A wall of propagations is the perfect solution because they don’t require/want intense light.

To make the test tubes, we just took down some 2x4s. We used a hole saw to drill holes in it. I used to mix my propagation cuttings into the same tubes before, but this color and monotone style give off a different vibe. (Maybe if I painted every thing in my life Evergreen Folg, I’d be more organized!?) So I cut cuttings from nearly all my plants. Each tube has its own tube. This way, when people visit me, they can get cuttings that are specific to their favorite plants.

Evergreen Fog is available as a Peel and Stick sample from Sherwin Williams. It’s easy to peel off the paint and stick it on your wall. They can be repositioned so you can check how it feels in different places of your house at different times. You can get peel and stick samples in 75 of the most popular colors, and 50 Emerald Designer Edition colors. They are available and ship free of charge!

It was an easy DIY project. I had purchased the supplies for making a light in this room many years ago but hadn’t got around to doing it. I didn’t know what the original design was so I made a new one! It was amazing!

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