Like many others, we put off renovating our bathroom for many years. We concentrated on areas that “mattered” to us and others. The bathroom was bright blue when we moved in. I painted the walls white as soon as we moved in, but other than that, the bathroom has remained the same for seven years. When we decided to sell our house this spring, I had always intended to gut the room and give it new life. Although we could have done a complete renovation, we needed more money or capacity.

The bathroom was to be hung at the same level as the rest of the house, which had been renovated carefully. This meant removing some things (bye-bye, ginormous lightbox) and replacing them with beautiful fixtures and styling. The challenge was finding beauty in the existing pieces and adding new elements to complement them. I was able to work with the natural stone of the shower. To balance out the warmth of the rock, I chose chrome fixtures. Delta’s Faucet rain shower head (and valve) is impressive! The Cassidy(tm), Collection from Delta Faucet elevates the stone, and the mixture feels fresh.

I used the Cassidy ™ collection by Delta Faucet to decorate the entire space. The handles and tub tap give the jetted bath a more refined feel. Chrome also looks excellent with a creamy finish. The vanity was a creative exercise. I could have bought a brand-new vanity, but I preferred to salvage what I could. The base was fine but needed a top, new doors, and drawers. A local cabinet maker made new drawers and doors using a profile that matched better with the tub surround. Micah left sinks and a remnant piece of stone from his commercial work. The vanity was given a new look with Cassidy ™ faucets and some new hardware. These faucets are classic, sleek, and fabulous in my hand. When buying something you’ll use frequently, it’s best to spend more on a product that has a high level of quality.

As with all projects, it would have been great if this had been done sooner. There are only so many dollars and hours in a day. I will enjoy this space as long as we are still here and hope the subsequent owners also enjoy the beautiful additions and work we have put in.

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