Coastal Decorating on a budget

You’re in luck if you like the beach style! Decorating in a beach style can be a budget-friendly option. Sometimes, you need some inspiration to get the desired look. You don’t have to worry if you want to create a white decor scheme but are unsure how to do it. You may need to use the furniture you already own, or you’re not sure how to turn that dull table into something coastal chic. It is possible! These tips will help you get the coastal look that you desire.

Selecting Color

There are no hard and fast rules about color. White is the most common in coastal-style homes. Sticking to one or two colors can be a great way to keep costs down.

Feel free to mix colors. Use neutral colors like beige, tan, or tan and soft colors like teal or green. Think about the colors of the ocean and beach. These colors look great together, and they also go well with whites.

Selecting Accessories

Accessories can transform a room from plain to something more. They also help you achieve the coastal look while maintaining your budget. Remember that beach finds are often free. Be green and leave everything alone. Shells with their friend still inside will not make your home smell or look good.

Finishing touches like driftwood, sea glass in bottles, seagrass baskets or wicker baskets with seashells will give your home a coastal chic or beachy look. Fill pots with pampas, and add beachy pictures or a seashell-framed mirror. Please don’t overdo it, and don’t use too many accessories. Simplicity is best.

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Slipcovers for Soft Furnishings

Slipcovers can transform your furniture from shabby to chic, giving it a beachy look. Look for fabrics like Osnaburg or muslin, which are usually less expensive than canvas or linen. You don’t have to pay total price either. Hobby Lobby and Joann’s Fabrics offer coupons and sales all the time.

There are many ways to make a Slipcover, but the easiest is to drape fabric over your sofa and then add ties. Sewing a slipcover will give your sofa an elegant look. If you know how to sew or have someone else who can, you could make it yourself.

Add Accents to Your Decor

Use inexpensive accents to add color to your rooms.

Add decorative pillows. Pillows can add some darker, deeper colors or patterns and stripes. Layer them on furniture for an accent that will enhance the room.

Place some seagrass or brightly colored placemats with colorful dishes and white pieces on the table.

Bring some flowers in. Feel free to scatter vases with flowers along the coast. Include ornamental grasses like rosemary, hyacinth, and black-eyed Susan.

Wood Furniture Ideas

You can transform old wood furniture into shabby-chic coastal style with a little paint and sandpaper. Unfinished wood furniture shops often have great deals. Ask for floor samples or items that are damaged or distressed. It’s easy for a beginner to paint a surface, then sand the surface again.

Reclaimed driftwood is perfect for creating beautiful furniture like a table, bench, or stool. Driftwood has endless possibilities. This depends entirely on the size and shape of the driftwood pieces that you have collected. You can also decide what you want the final product to look like. It’s up to you whether you keep it natural or add varnish or polyurethane to make it darker and wet. It is essential to disinfect and clean the wood before use. This will remove any sand or other particles that may still be stuck to it.

The Secret to Coastal and Seaside Style

It’s all about the texture and overall feeling.

Select reflective items that can channel light, like mirrors, mirrored furniture, chrome, silver, and glass. Also, choose lightweight fabrics, like linen, cotton, or muslin. Choose items that have a texture, such as seagrass rugs or pillows. Add accent pieces, like driftwood, beachy photos, and shells. Choose neutral, soft colors that are reminiscent of the beach and sea.

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