Repainting the Front Doors of the Merc

Are you ever compelled to complete a project? You feel like you’re living your everyday life when suddenly an idea comes into your mind, and you keep stirring it up until you get there. !

I have wanted to paint our front doors (all three of them!) I chose a fun new color. Jasper is my favorite color, but I am unafraid to try something new!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when water was pouring through one of the horizontal panels of the door during a heavy rainfall storm!

After some confusion about the paint color (the original color I wanted was very different from what I was expecting), I narrowed my options and was finally ready to paint.

Making a project easier is my goal. I used the easiest and most effective tools for this door painting project: my Handy Paint Pail and a paintbrush.

People make the most common mistake when using a brush. They need to find out how much paint is on the meeting. Two key points are crucial and can make all the difference.

  1. A flat, hard surface on which to wipe your brush is ideal
  2. Stop the meeting from getting stuck in the paint.

Both of these issues can be easily fixed with Handy Paint Pails

To make it easy to scrape your brush off the Handy Paint Pail’s outer edge, it has a 90-degree angle. I dip my brush into the paint and scrape one side. That is the best amount of color to start!

The magnetic cup keeps your paintbrush out of paint, and the ferrule, the metal part connecting the handle to the bristles, stays clean. This means you will have cleaner hands and a better finish.

Handy products come with disposable liners, which make cleaning up easy! Because let’s face it, after a painting project, who wants to spend their time cleaning up? Court does it all the time! lol)

They are designed to simplify your painting project. The disposable liners and the adjustable handles make it easy to adjust your grip. The mossy-green paint color they chose (Sherwin Williams Palm Leaf) is super awesome!

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