Light up your home with these DIY lighting ideas!

After reading our list of fantastic DIY lighting ideas, we are sure you will be motivated to create some yourself! Let’s get started!

How about some DIY lighting ideas to brighten your home now that you’re stuck at home? It sounds like an excellent pandemic plan.

Creating a piece of home decor with two hands is incredibly comforting. People all over the globe are becoming more and more interested in DIY projects and ideas because they can be a great way of recycling unused materials and objects.

You can create unique lighting decor with DIY projects. DIY projects allow you to customize your space with your desired colors, materials, and dimensions. This is a great way to bond with your children if they are growing. Let them be a part of this process so they can appreciate the idea that everyday items can be recycled into something beautiful.

We have compiled a list of our favorite DIY lighting ideas so you can make the most of this Stay Home, Stay Safe Period! Let’s start.

DIY Kitchen Lighting Idea

It’s to protect your children from injury the next time they sneak into the kitchen to steal a snack or a cup of frozen yogurt at night! These LED light strips can be used on the counter, the floor, or the cabinets. These LED lights come in a variety of colors and lengths and can easily be installed anywhere you like – in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

DIY Hanging Lights

This is the most uncomplicated and most elegant of all! These DIY hanging lamps can make excellent decor for your balcony or pooja room. If you love everything old-world, these lights are for you. They have a traditional feel. You only need a few glass jars. (Remember when you saved the jar from your ordered dessert cake? The same one, yes! Hemp or jute thread and some diya-candles. Then, place the diya-candle inside the pot and tie the line as shown in the picture. Now it’s ready to hang anywhere in your home. If you don’t have railings, exposed beams, or nails to hang them from, they can be kept on the floor. If you want to make them blend in with your color scheme or give them a funky appearance, you can paint the jars.

DIY Bedroom Lighting

Do you love the delicate fairy lights? These lights are easy to install and can be arranged however you like. This can be added to your headboard, walls, window rims, and living room. Want to know something else unique about this bedroom? Headboards can also be made by DIY. You must only join the wood planks in the desired dimensions and place them behind your bed.

Candle Nests

Aren’t these cute? This easy and adorable DIY lighting design will brighten your kitchen, bedroom or balcony windows. All of us have a few cans of processed foods or nut cases in our homes. Now is the time to make them useful. Decorate them by painting them or covering them in craft paper. Hang them using hemp or wire in the desired location. You’re finished! Just place the diya-candles in, and voila!

DIY Pendant Light

Add a touch of nature to your decor. Make a pendant out of twigs in your backyard, terrace, or balcony. A strong adhesive can stick the twigs onto a blown-up balloon before creating a circular cage. After the cage has dried, paint it in your favorite oil paint color. Insert a bulb on a wire from the cage’s open side. You now have a stunning pendant light inspired by nature!

Hanging Jar Lights: DIY Hanging Jar Lights

This is a great way to add a little industrial-style lighting to your home! Use your old jars or buy a new set. Puncture a hole in the lid to allow the wire from the bulb to enter. The bulb must be placed inside the jar, as shown on this picture. These jar lights will look great on a bar unit. These jar lights will look great in your dining room or bedroom!

Personalised DIY Night Lamps

A night lamp for your bedside table will be the perfect decor item if you love to read! Paint a jar in the color of your choice, then stick on some craft paper cutouts. Finally, add some LED bulbs. Switch them on to softly illuminate your bedroom at night.

Aromatic Candles: Make Your Own

You can use scented candles if you want to spend less money on lights. These candles are a great way to add some mood lighting to your bedroom. You can make scented candles by wrapping cinnamon sticks around candles and tying a ribbon. The same method can be used with dried fruits and potpourri.

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