6 Best Tips to Help Prepare for Your Roof Replacement Project

Roof replacement is one of your best investments. A new roof will cost you between $7,500 and $12,000 . However, it can increase the value of your home up to 109%. According to Realtors, a new roof is a highly sought-after item by home buyers. When you make the decision to put up a new roof, it is important to know how to protect your family, pets, and home.

  • Be a good neighbor

Roofers often bring equipment, trucks, dirt, flying debris and contractors to your street. Be courteous and inform your neighbors that you are having your roof replaced. It is also a good idea check if your municipality requires you to park large trucks on your street. If so, let your contractor.

  • Pets and children should be kept away

While most roofing jobs can be completed in one day, larger jobs might take longer. This is a noisy job that involves hammering, banging and thumping. Children and pets can be disturbed by re-roofing. Ensure that your pets and children are not present during the construction. While you may be required to be present to ensure everything runs smoothly, worrying about your children’s schedules and your pets running off won’t help.

  • Keep your Attic safe

To protect valuable items or memorabilia from dust and dirt, cover them with plastic sheets or tarps during roof installation and dismantling. After the job is completed, you can either rent or use a shop vacuum to clean up any debris. 

  • Clear the Driveway and Decks

Before the work begins, move all patio furniture, grills, bikes, swing sets and other outdoor objects out of the way. Make sure your pool is completely covered if you have one. To prevent dirt from building up, a tarp is used. To prevent any damage to your cars, move them out of your driveway. 

  • Get Everything off Your Walls

Roof replacement in Ringwood can be loud and jarring. You may feel your house shake during the work, which can cause things to fall off the walls or break. To ensure that no valuable items are damaged, take down decorations. Take down any antennae, flags, satellite dishes or other attachments to exterior walls.

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