Top 8 Kitchen Designs to Revive Your Home

The kitchen certainly is the heart of your home. It is the hub of meals all throughout the day, and the centre of attraction during any family gathering or holiday season. It is where the magic happens and the whole family congregates and bonds. 

And for that reason, a kitchen that matches your vibe and suits your style will take your cooking and entertaining experience to a whole other level. 

Sydneysiders are big foodies, and for them, everything seems to revolve around food! From trying out new weeknight recipes to dinner parties, or fun family gatherings, the food is the star attraction. But gone are the days when the cook is hidden away in the kitchen. These days, guests will want to be close to the action, and you! And for this reason, among others, Sydney homeowners like to have their kitchens looking not only great but inviting too. Take the stress out of doing it yourself and hire a professional to install your luxury kitchen in Sydney, revive your home and give it a new look. 

Let’s look at the top eight kitchen styles and designs that are sure to revive your home:

Top 8 Kitchen Designs

1. The Contemporary All-White Kitchen

The contemporary all-white kitchen is an open white kitchen layout that is airy with a lot of natural light coming in. To create this lux design, you can place a rectangular kitchen lamp on top of the kitchen island and install cabinets that are a light wood colour. You can also add white floating shelves to your kitchen for a more contemporary look.

2. Modern Kitchen with a Rustic Twist

You can have a modern kitchen with a rustic twist with shiplap-covered ceilings and big pendant lights; combining a mix of wood and metal features that look modern yet down to earth. You can paint the walls white with charcoal-coloured countertops to give the kitchen a contrasting look. In this kitchen style, you are working with limited colours and concentrating more on the texture and warmth of the elements. 

3. Monochromatic Cabinets

Give your kitchen a minimal glamorous look with monochromatic cabinets. For this style, you can mix up wooden lower cabinets with light upper cabinets. This gives the kitchen a clean and minimalistic look. Moreover, you can add the same hardware to maintain a cohesive look and thus tie in those monochromatic cabinets, so they feel they really belong. Additionally, to break up the striking monochromatic look, you can add some dark brown flooring.

4. The Colourful Kitchen

A colourful kitchen will bring an unexpected playfulness and warmth to your home, yet still be luxurious. Bringing accents such as a red stool or a colourful floor runner can bring a creative and fun touch to an otherwise dull kitchen. 

While you can go all out with some colour in your kitchen, it’s essential to balance it out in some areas. That way, the colourful parts are accented but the overall look is not overwhelming. So, for example, if the stool and runner are colourful, add white tiles or wooden cabinets to balance the look. If you are unsure about how to proceed with this kitchen design, consult with a professional because it is very easy to go a little overboard with it! 

5. Copper Kitchen

A few copper elements in your kitchen can break the monotony of a crisp, minimalist style and give it an exciting, and often more welcoming look. Imagine the copper elements as jewellery for your kitchen. You can add copper light fixtures and faucets. They will bring a touch of classy warmth to your kitchen.

6. The Black and White Kitchen

The classic black and white kitchen renovation looks modern yet timeless. You really can’t go wrong here. This colour palette will look relevant for years, won’t lose its charm and will suit most Sydney homes. Add black accent lights and kitchen countertops, along with white walls and kitchen stools to tie the look together. 

7. Coastal Kitchen

If you love the sea and want to bring some ocean vibes into your home, you can go for a coastal-style kitchen. Blue and white are timeless colour schemes for a kitchen, especially for beach-loving Sydneysiders. The goal with this kitchen is to keep your kitchen modern yet minimal while giving it a beachy, breezy, casual feel. 

8. The Natural Lighting Kitchen

If you have plenty of space in your kitchen, you can opt for an airy, naturally lit kitchen. This kitchen design can also help you save a ton of money on energy bills. Opt for big open windows and white walls to let natural light and airflow in. Add lightly coloured wooden cabinets and a glass dining table to continue with the minimal, fresh-looking space. 

In Conclusion

We know your kitchen is the life and soul of your home, so keeping it looking welcoming, beautiful, and functional is pretty important. We hope that the designs described above will help guide you on how to proceed with your exciting kitchen renovation plans. 

However, getting expert advice is often wise before starting your kitchen renovation project. Consult with a kitchen designer to custom-build your dream kitchen and effortlessly achieve the look you’re going for. Only professionals can guarantee that your vision is executed to perfection and in a timely manner.

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