Living with Skylights in the Merc

Have you ever wished you could live in a greenhouse? This was our goal when we renovated the Merc. It was to let as much light into the Merc as possible, while keeping intact the cedar planked roof.

When we began, I knew that VELUX skylights would be an important part of the renovation. (I have many plants to keep happy!) But I was unaware of how important they would be in the overall design.

Skylights transformed a 25-foot ceiling into a bright, open space. Our VELUX skylights are transformative.

We installed 23 skylights all in (told you it was a greenhouse!). I remember walking in to see the holes being cut. It was one of my favorite moments from the renovation. It was bright! There are a variety of VELUX Solar Powered FreshAir Skylights as well as VELUX Fixed Skylights. Some have shades and some have no leaks. I am qualified to talk about them all!

Skylight Placement

It was not an easy task to determine the location of our skylights. The most difficult design challenge was finding the right placement for the skylights in the exposed beams and rafters. After much discussion, I finally decided that to achieve the look I was after, we needed to place them in a different way. This was one of the most important Merc Perks that we worked with. The rafters were not centered on the main beams.

Or, on the windows.

Or in the room.

They didn’t need to be 100 years ago when the Merc was built. ?

Instead of installing the skylights horizontally within the rafters, we decided that the banks of three should be flipped horizontally and placed them above the rafters. This solved about a third of our design problems. They were placed between large trusses and the windows. The perpendicular rafters beneath the skylights add dimension and character to the design. Each bank casts its own shadow and has its unique pattern.

The entire space can be lit up

When designing the placement, light balance was very important to me. Because this part of the Merc has so much space, I wanted everything to feel balanced. The space is open and has no walls so illumination was not necessary. Loft’s glass walls make it feel as though it is part of a larger space. VELUX skylights were essential to balance the natural light.

Plant Heaven

You can see the importance of natural light in all my plants. Skylights allow me to spread my plants across the space. The skylight directly above the living room wall is the most important. To give plants enough light, I would have to install an intense artificial lighting system. The plants also grow up, which is a huge plus. You might think, “Oh yes they do!” Plants don’t grow up, they grow towards light. The bank of skylights that shine directly onto the entire wall would have all the plants reaching for the window, and the wall wouldn’t look balanced visually. So cool right! ?

Skylights in the Primary Bedroom

The roof of our primary bedroom is the same as the main living area. However, it receives less sun than the main living space. This makes it more comfortable for sleep. Two No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air skylights were installed in our bedroom. They are great! The room-darkening shades are so effective that they can be used to make the bedroom dark and comfortable for sleeping. Ideal for afternoon naps

Skylights in the Office Loft

With its glass walls and white painted walls, the office feels like a modern take on the original adobe walls. This is my sanctuary. It is my sanctuary. I love to work out there every day and the natural light makes me happy. The skylights bring in light so I have plants throughout the room. This is where my most demanding men hang out and get the most love. I chose VELUX light filtering shade, rather than the bedroom darkening shades. They can be controlled remotely and have the best filter light and soften shadows when closed. It is a dream when I shoot product shots.

What are the Temperatures? ?

The most frequent question we receive about our skylights in Southern Utah is their performance in the heat. Our summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. I’ve been living with them for over a year and have so many great tips to share. Let me first dispel any concerns. The VELUX skylights that we installed are made of dual-paned, lowE3 glass which is very energy efficient. These shades are more than just glass for the roof. They are meant to protect interior temperatures. Shades can be used to control the amount of light that enters the skylights, which will improve their energy efficiency. The main living space without shades is slightly warmer than the rest of it. It is a favorite of the dogs and they follow it all day. We have never had any problems cooling the space, even with all the heat from the outside. Want proof? You’re about to be blown away. Our average utility bill was $217.62 per 2000 sq.ft for Phase 1 between May 2020 and May 2021. The average utility bill for Phase 1 was $217.62, which is 2000 sq ft. After the renovations were completed, it was $268.15. Only $50 (!!??!) was added to the bill. FIFTY DOLLARS. This is not an indication of the efficiency of our skylights or windows.

We love our VELUX skylights. I have never imagined the quality, beauty, efficiency, style, and smart technology that VELUX skylights could offer. You should seriously consider them if you’re even considering them. You can transform your home into a sanctuary of light and beauty in ways that you won’t find anywhere else, unless you go into a greenhouse.

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