House Painters North Shore Auckland: Hiring Professionals Vs Doing It Yourself (DIY)

It’s true that painting the outsides of your home is among the most difficult things you can undertake today. A majority of homeowners who are attempting to paint their homes find it difficult and intimidating especially where it involves climbing up and more labor around the house.

If you are a resident of North Shore Auckland and are planning to paint your home you have two choices:

1. Paint yourself

2. Utilizing a painting company that is professional

These days, a majority of homeowners opt to hire professional firms for their home painting requirements mainly due to the precision and guaranteed results. Professional artists are available to help you and take away all the frustration and stress you’d experience when you attempt to complete all the painting by yourself. This also frees the hassle of managing the painting.

While the process of painting the interior of your North Shore Auckland home yourself may seem like a satisfying experience employing skilled house painters in North Shore Auckland can be even more satisfying when you realize that you have saved time and money in the process.

If you wanted to paint your home by yourself Here’s what you might need:

  1. Extension pole
  2. Lint-free cloth
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Paint pot
  5. Putty and fillers
  6. Roller Roller tray
  7. Sandpaper
  8. Tac rag
  9. Turps
  10. Brush cleaner
  11. Dust mask
  12. Masking tape for gloves
  13. Paint stripper
  14. Gloves of the painter
  15. Pole sander
  16. Putty knife Rags
  17. Hot Weather Additive
  18. Interior Paintwork Cleaner
  19. Moss & Mould Killer
  20. Paint Prep
  21. House wash Scraper
  22. Steel wool
  23. Window scraper

With the rising popularity of DIY renovating and building television shows it’s not difficult to imagine anybody can apply an application of paint within a few minutes.

It’s true that an unfinished paint job done badly could lower the value of your investment or home and can add months to the time required for selling (and it truly stands out)

A skilled, licensed painter can save you time and money as well as help get a beautiful finish that lasts through the rigors of time.

Here are some suggestions to help you select the ideal painter to meet your requirements:

Find at least three comparable estimates. Provide each painter and decorator with the same information about the job to be completed and request them to submit an official estimate in writing, and include:

1. Work to be prepared

The quality of the paint used

Estimated timeline to complete

An itemised list of the tasks to be accomplished

Another thing to keep to keep in mind is the kind that exterior surface surfaces are. As you (don’t) be aware that not all are created equal and the majority of exterior surfaces can be difficult in the way of painting.

Many people aren’t aware of it that the weather around your house is crucial in determining the amount of coatsand kind of paint you choose to employ.

For houses located in North Shore Auckland, the region is characterized by a moderate climate. The far north is home to subtropical temperatures in summer and the south regions in the North Shore Auckland can be as cold as -2 C in winter, the majority of Auckland is located close to the coastline and has moderate temperatures, moderate rainfall and a lot of sunshine. Be aware that when temperatures begin to drop to the 50s or lower the paint won’t be able to dry as they should and can cause major issues. The most common issue with painting in cold weather is lack of uniformity of color.

However If you work with professional painters on the North Shore Auckland, you won’t need to be concerned about all of this since it’s a common practice and, through their years of the years of experience they will know the most appropriate kind of paint and the most suitable conditions to paint. They’ll also have the equipment and know-how dealing with any type of surfaces, regardless if they’re tyrolean or roughcast, or pebbledash.

The best methods to make sure you’ve hired the most reliable painting company for your home to paint your house in North Shore Auckland include:

  1. Making a few suggestions and reviewing their projects or work
  2. The question is about their experience in the field and also their experience working on different painting projects
  3. Are you looking for painters to paint your house who are located in North Shore Auckland that can provide you with prices for a few jobs to come up in the near future.
  4. Get a complete estimate prior to hiring them, along with an outline of what needs to be completed.

How Many Coats of Paint and How Much Paint?

One of the initial and most important concerns to address when starting any painting task for interiors is amount of coats that you’ll require. What amount needed to finish the project will depend on the amount of coats you apply.

There are a variety of variables at play in the process of applying coats of paint, making it hard to know precisely how much paint you’ll require However, here are a few guidelines to be followed:

1. The same color (or an extremely similar color) on a wall in the interior. The process of reviving your wall’s color is an easy and quick method to paint an area in your home. After thoroughly cleaning the wall, you’ll likely only need only one layer of paint. Use a quality roller or brush to coat the wall evenly. After the paint has dried it should give you an even color that looks just as new.

2. Paint a new color on an interior wall. The quick answer is probably several. Of course, it will depend on the color you originally used which is being covered as well as the new color you’re employing. Paint a dark or strong covering over lighter shade is likely to require only two coats. Paint that is light on dark can be a different matter. In order to achieve a uniform, smooth shade in this situation, it can take up to 6 coats.

3. By using primers. primer. You can skip all coats needed to paint light over dark with primer. Primers are a cost-effective and simple method to cover the color of your wall and also create a base that the new paint can easily take on.

Painting Over Drywall

Re-painting new walls or areas of drywall needs a solid primer. The new drywall along with the spackle utilized to smooth the seams is abrasive. Painting without a primer can require several coats. This is time-consuming and costly. A primer will give you an able paint surface, which will require just only one to two coats at maximum.

Paint Quality

Quality of paint is another element to be considered. Paints that are cheap have less efficient ingredients and will not perform like a top-quality paint. Consider whether you’d prefer to invest in a premium paint that requires just a few coats, or a cheaper paint that needs many coats, but may not have the same finish that you receive from high-quality paint.

Today, there are North Shore Auckland house painters that specialize in painting exterior houses as well as interior painting experts. They don’t perform tasks like hanging wall papers, glossy windows or doors they will concentrate in getting your painting work completed in a short time so you can get back regular in the fastest time feasible.

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