Home decor DIY crafts for a quick spruce up

We can all agree that while working from home will be around for some time, a creative break now and again is always welcomed! Why not make the most of this time by enhancing your interiors? Home decor can be expensive, but you can do many fun and easy DIY projects to add some beautiful elements to your home without going overboard. Browse through 11 DIY home decor projects to get inspired.

DIY Coffee Table for Home Decor

Do you have an idea for a rustic revamp? Please remove your old coffee table and replace it with a new one.

Give your empty crate an extra coat of paint. Boxes that are thrown away can be reused in many ways. You can use them as additional seating or tables. This rustic look will add a touch of charm to any room. Paint in any colors or patterns, and be as creative as possible with these DIY home decor crafts.

Washi Tape Art For Home Decor

Use washi tapes for modern art to create a minimal DIY home decor idea with maximum impact. These geometric patterns are simple to create. You can make this if you have an empty wall in your bedroom. You only need a few excellent washi rolls and some scissors to create a decor element in minutes! P.S. This origami-inspired decor gives you an idea of how to use origami for wall decor.

DIY Wall Hanging Crafts

You can make a variety of beautiful wall decorations for your house. Dreamcatchers is one of them. It’s easier than you think to create a dreamcatcher. You can find many tutorials online to get you started.

Vintage Cases for Home Decor

The old suitcases may be too heavy to carry, but they still have a purpose. When used as coffee tables, vintage bags can look very classy. You might only need to clean and shine these. They also offer storage space.

DIY Indoor Swing

It may appear a difficult project, but you can easily pull it off. Installing an eye-catching swing is easy with a spare tire, sturdy rope, and fittings.

Growing Your Own Herbs

Planting your favorite herbs in old pots or planters is a simple way to add a little greenery, create a new piece for decor, and grow your herbs all at once. Creatively decorate your containers. Greens can be a fantastic yet minimal way to give a new look to your space.

DIY Lamp Shades

This DIY wall-hanging idea will bring out the child in you! The string lampshades that you can make are easy to do and show how simple materials such as a balloon, string, and glue are all it takes to create something beautiful.

Simple Decor Hacks

Lighting can be a challenge in open spaces such as balconies and terraces. The clever lampshade is made from an old umbrella. It’s a great DIY hack for adding light, decor, and some cover to the balcony seating.

Flag Garlands

You should update the interior to make it more fun for your kids if they are bored of being inside all day. For DIY wall hanging ideas, teepee tents or colorful flag garlands make excellent choices. Add a string or two of fairy lights to make it more dramatic!

DIY Crochet Wall Hangings

It’s easy to make a lovely decor item from old crochet items or if you have a lot of them in your closet. Decorate your walls with these intricate weavings.

DIY Bathroom Stand for Home Decor

You need to give your bathroom essentials their own space. It’s also a good idea to keep these items on hand. Re-painting an old stool and using it as a shelf for bathroom essentials is a great way to reuse the item. This is an easy way to introduce new decor in the bathroom.

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