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For the majority of people, cornice is a term which we are familiar with when we think of buildings or renovations. The join between a wall and a ceiling has the opportunity to really seal the statement of a room and break away from a traditional white ceiling with a white moulded cornice we see in new builds in and around Perth.

Like any component of a building, you want to look to be a cohesive one and fit with the overall style, period, and location, taking care to tie in the interior and exterior.

Familiar ceiling and cornice treatments may range from our stock standard white moulding we find in new builds through to the more intricate ceiling roses and decorative cornices associated with heritage homes.

Shadowline ceilings and cornices bring a different look and feel to a space, as how they are designed and installed is a little different.

Shadow Line Ceilings
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Shadow Line Ceilings Perth

What is a shadowline ceiling?

Whilst they provide a minimalist look and feel to a space, they are a little more sophisticated and detailed when it comes to their construction,

A shadow line is achieved by usng a specific metal angle as the junction between a wall and ceiling. The finish needs to hold a high quality so there is no room for rough edges, and the result is a room with “shadow” around the ceiling, creating a distinctive effect to a room.

One popular type of shadowline ceiling is a P50, explained below.

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P50 Shadowline Ceiling

P50 Shadowline refers to the use of a metal juncture that gives a 10mm x 10mm recess between a wall and ceiling, creating a shadow effect. Like call ceiling and cornice choices, it needs to work design-wise with the space it is going in to.

Because of its stylings, p50 shadowline works well in modern contemporary spaces (think MadMen’s mid-century modern apartments for architectural inspiration), and if you are looking for a cleaner color palette, clean lines and danish influence works well.

The beauty of a p50 Shadowline ceilings is that it can be used with molded ceilings, helping to create an eye catching yet still clean and minimal look.

Shadowline is not just limited to ceilings, it can also be an effective treatment when used with cornice.

P50 Shadow Line Ceilings
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Shadowline Cornice

Shadowline Cornice

Shadowline cornice helps to create a clean streamlined effect in a room. With the use of shadowline cornice, the ceiling and cornice are joined together, however the cornice is slightly recessed from the wall.

The clean contemporary lines that shadow line cornice still allow for personality and character on the ceiling, as it comes in a range of mouldings that can be applied. It’s a great way to add a little edge to your room that captures attention in the right way.

If you are considering a minimal or contemporary feel and looking for something outside of the norm, Shadowline ceilings and cornice professionally installed by our team of ceiling fixers in Perth might just be the wow factor you are looking for.

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