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The Building Code of Australia requires all new structures and builds to comply with requirements, and fire-rated ceilings (or fire resistance level (FRL) is now part of the National Construction Code.

When materials are being selected for use, they need to comply with the code, and there are a few factors which are taken into consideration. We all want to keep people safe – whether it is our family, or occupants of an investment property.

What is a Fire Resistance Level?

In laymans terms, this is the ability for materials used in construction to withstand fire under test conditions. Fire test conditions are set out by the Australian Standard AS. 1530.4 (which includes ceilings).

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To determine the level of fire resistance, the test needs to be completed in an accredited laboratory, where it is measured against three criteria:

  • Adequacy of the structure
  • Insulation provided
  • Integrity

These tests are conducted for a set period of time to determine the ability of the material to maintain load bearing capacity (adequacy), how much it can resist flames and hot gases from creating a passage (insulation), and its ability to maintain temperature on the surface that is not exposed to the fire or heat.

The result is a rating which may look something like (60/90/60), which means it has passed the criteria for that number of minutes. For example, fire rated plasterboard for use on a ceiling with an upstairs living area may a different fire rating to plasterboard being used on a wall in a foyer. It’s always good to work with professionals in selecting the right material.

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What are fire-resistant ceilings made from?

Fire rated, or fire-resistant ceilings can me made from either plasterboard or gyprock, and you can also get panels if you are not looking to use plasterboard on your ceilings.

It’s important to check with your ceiling contractor in Perth about which materials comply with standards; an important safety check for all buildings, whether it is residential or commercial.

The required fire rating for your ceiling to meet will depend on the function of your ceiling or roof, as load bearing structures need to comply with a different rating compared to non load bearing structures. This is an important consideration if you are working in a multi storey commercial building, or are looking to put an additional storey on your Perth home to enjoy coastal or city views.

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Fire Resistant Ceilings Perth

How can I determine if my current ceiling meets requirements?

Australian homes are prone to fire hazards; whether it is during our fire season in the summer months, or because of heating issues that occur in winter, or even electrical fires from faulty wiring.

Safety of occupants is always important, so if your ceiling is going through works, or you are looking at renovations and extensions, it is a good idea to speak with one of our professional team to help you.

Our team are here to assist you in your ceiling project and assist you in choosing the right fire rated ceiling product for your space.

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