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Bulkhead ceiling installation can be a great choice if you are wanting to create specific look and feel for a room, or you are wanting to conceal something within the room.

The term bulkhead comes from shipping where a structure was made to contain something – a structural safety device. In commercial premises, a bulkhead ceiling may still be a good choice to make, if it’s purpose is to conceal electrical wires, pipes or vents in a workspace.

Bulkhead Ceilings Perth
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Bulkhead Ceilings Installation

In a residential space, you may choose a bulkhead ceiling to help distinguish between room zones in an open plan house where the kitchen, dining and living room are all connected.

Bulkhead ceilings installations are connected to the main ceiling, and drop down to create a focal point in a room (or conceal something, such as wiring or plumbing). While you may feel that a bulkhead ceiling needs to be a box shape, they can also be curved, domed, or u-shaped to highlight certain areas or objects in a room.

With a little creativity, the design and installation of a bulkhead ceiling in a Perth commercial or residential building can transform a space that feels lacklustre into one that leaves an impact and impression.

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Made from lightweight materials, a bulkhead ceiling can be a cost-effective option for your space that provides both a functional and stylish solution to your space.

If you are Perth based, and considering if a bulkhead ceilings installation is right for you, the professional team at Heron Ceilings are available to talk to you about your design project.

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