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Ceiling Fixers Perth

Most often, when a good portion of your ceiling is broken, bowed, water-damaged, or suffering from heavy mould accumulation, you will need more than just a repair. Problems like these can lead to worse issues that can affect other areas of your household like walls, windows, and even furniture. A more practical move would be to have your old ceiling demolished and replaced with a new one.

Heron Ceilings also offer ceiling demolition services for a safe and smooth transition to a new ceiling. It is, with no doubt, an essential aspect in any renovation project. If not done right, it can be hazardous, costly, and frustrating.

Our highly competent team of ceiling fixers in Perth will conduct a thorough evaluation of your interiors, carefully plan for solutions based on their findings, and make sure that the whole ceiling replacement process will be efficient, cost-effective, and convenient for you and all members of the household.

Ceiling Fixers Perth

Often at times, it’s hard to determine whether or not we need to have our ceilings replaced. To help you, here are tell-tale signs you need to call your trusted ceiling experts.

A large portion of damaged plaster

This is apparently something you can’t take for granted. When you see cracks or breaks in a large section of your plaster ceiling, especially if the pieces are already starting to fall off, you can’t afford any further delays with repair works, for obvious safety reasons.

Excessive dampness

A major leak in your roof, plumbing works, or HVAC system can cause excessive water damage, especially if your ceiling is already old. If damp is left unattended for long, this may result to heavy mould formation that can cause minor to severe health problems. Of course, the root cause of water damage should be taken care of first and foremost.

Sagging ceiling

A dipped or sagging ceiling is a major red flag. This could be due to severe water damage, or a more serious structural problem. A complete inspection and evaluation by experienced ceiling experts is necessary to plan for and implement appropriate repair or replacement solutions.

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