Sound Rated Walls and Ceilings

sound rated walls & ceilings


Blocking out the noise

Sound Rated Walls And Ceilings


Sound Rated Walls and Ceilings

Unwanted noise can be such a hassle especially when you’re trying to focus on work. The slightest distracting sound can easily snap you out from the middle of a developing idea, or interrupt an important conversation with a co-worker or clients. Getting back into that zone of focus prior to the distraction is sometimes seemingly impossible.

If you care about your business and your team’s productivity, it’s crucial to make sure your workplace provides comfort, convenience, and most of all, the ability to concentrate.

A lot of business-owners are also highly concerned about the acoustical environment of their work spaces, specifically in meeting rooms, musical studios, or convention centers. The building design plays a huge part in every interior’s acoustics, but so does the quality of its walls and ceiling fit outs.

This is why sound-rated walls and ceilings are an integral part of your commercial space.

One of our specialties here in Heron Ceilings is providing top-notch noise-control and sound-insulating wall and ceiling solutions. We understand how unnecessary sounds from the surrounding environment can affect the privacy and comfort of your commercial space.

With our help, you can ensure that you’ll only be hearing more of what you want and need, and less to zero of what you don’t.



The benefits of blocking out noise

Here’s what you can achieve with our first-rate wall and ceiling solutions: 

Dramatically lessen sound transmission between rooms in an interior space

You don’t want to have to hear conversations or any other sound unrelated to your work, especially those from adjacent or neighbouring tenants. Consequently, you also want to make sure that whatever you discuss within your walls stay within your walls after all you need to ensure a good amount of privacy for your business’ welfare.

Effectively limiting external noise from entering

Why should you have to bear with noise from the bustling street outside or airplanes flying over your building. You’ve spent a lot on your commercial space and therefore, the least you need is to bear with all the external urban noise. At Heron Ceilings, our top-rate wall and ceiling solutions are all you need to ensure that you can work in a quiet sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle.

Sound Rated Walls And Ceilings

Significantly control overall sound reverberation within an area

As you’re aware by now, the design of a building design can greatly impact the acoustics of your interiors. Even if you have a large corporate space with high ceilings, you shouldn’t have to worry about excessive sound reverberation.  Just ask for help from our specialists here in Heron Ceilings, and we’ll set you up for the best service package to address your needs.

Greatly minimize unwanted noise produced by plumbing and electrical works and building mechanicals

Although a building can’t be without these vital structural elements, the noise they can produce can be bothersome. The disturbances they cause, however minor, may pose a significant problem in the workplace. If this is something you see as a problem in your commercial space, we have just the right solutions for you.


Achieving the best results

Sound Rated Walls And Ceilings


Our all-time advice to our clients is to make the most out of both wall and ceiling installations for the best results.

Our modular sound-absorbing panels or stretch ceilings are by themselves great, but if you pair them with our full-height, sound-rated wall solutions, you will definitely feel the difference.

With this type of service package, both air-borne and structure-borne sound vibrations, especially the ever-disturbing impact noise, are greatly inhibited from occupying a larger space.

At Heron Ceilings, we are just a call away. Feel free to talk to us about your project and we’ll come up with the best, budget-friendly packages.

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