External Linings

External Ceiling Linings


External Ceiling Linings

External Ceiling Linings


External ceiling linings

There’s no question to the appeal and value external linings can add to your commercial building.

  • Aside from its capacity to enhance a structure’s external aesthetics, an exterior lining system provides extra covering and protection from various outside elements.
  •  There is a good selection of materials, colors, and styles you can look into that will address your building’s needs in achieving a sophisticated look and boosted mechanical strength.
  •  Investing well on a first-rate lining system can prove to be a practical and cost-effective choice in the long term.
  •  One of the reasons why the usage of external lining systems continue to become more popular is their temperature-insulating properties. You can significantly cut charges from your cooling and heating systems.
  • Because they can cut energy consumption, it is an eco-friendly option for your building. There is also a good array of exterior linings manufactured with sustainable materials.

If you’re working with designers and architects in a new construction or refurbishment project, take time to discuss the incorporation of external ceiling linings and go through possible options most beneficial for your structure.

At Heron Ceilings, we have a highly skilled team to help you plan and install your preferred exterior lining system. As an industry leader in providing external lining solutions for a variety of commercial projects, we go out of our way to help clients explore their options and make the most of their investment.


Different types of External linings


Timber linings are a trend among a majority of homeowners, but they do great in commercial applications too. They give out that warm and homey feel, making your facade look charming and more welcoming. They come in small wooden shingles, long panels, or horizontal boards.


This is another popular choice for residential structures, but can be awesome for your commercial project as well. Characterized by natural or synthetic thin stone layers, this lining system provides that elegant and earthy feel for your exteriors.

Fiber Cement

This involves putting together cement, sand, and cellular fibers into consolidated sheets. They provide a similar effect as wood panels, but they require less maintenance. They are also much lighter and easier to install compared to timber boards.

External Ceiling Linings Perth


This type of lining is made from reconstituted timber boards or hardwood. You can have them stained or painted according to your preference or envisioned style. They may require regular maintenance to stay in utmost condition for long.



Popular in most commercial projects, metal external linings are usually made from aluminium and steel. This type of lining system is extremely durable, and it gives your structure that modern and sleek appearance. No wonder it’s a popular choice for commercial and industrial structures.



With vinyl linings, you can select from and experiment on colors. They’re low-maintenance, and great in both commercial and residential applications. They are also less expensive compared to other lining options. Additionally, they undergo an eco-friendly manufacturing process, as they require fewer resources.



Bricks not only allows you to explore with patterns and colors, they are also great insulators. Because they don’t need much maintenance and are light and easy to install, they are friendly  to both your budget and time.


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External Ceilings


External ceiling solutions

Whichever design and material you need for your external lining system, Heron Ceilings has got your back.

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