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Ceilings, like cars, and people, also need some TLC over time if they are to stay in optimal condition.

Just like any object that experiences wear and tear, restoration works can be required due to damage, age, or impacts from other forces.

For older Perth based houses, restoration works may be required and involve replacing ceiling cornices, repairing plaster, or removing and replacing entire rooms to rejuvenate and revive a period home.

Ceiling Restoration Perth
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Ceiling Restoration Contractors in Perth

The damage that happens to our ceilings can happen due to subtle shifts in the foundations of the house. Perth is not immune to earth tremors, and these can all create little cracks which can become bigger issues over time if they are not dealt with properly.

What might be more familiar to our Perth based residents though are ceilings that need restoring thanks to some of our spectacular storms. One lofty gum tree that lands on a kitchen roof, and you can say hello urgent restoration works!

Pressed metal is also a popular feature for ornate ceilings, with the metal finished in a range of enamel paint colours, it once again can create a beautiful statement and become a talking point in a room.

Sometimes, when homes are extended, or a new bathroom is placed on top, another structure can impact a ceiling by adding additional load. If you add to the mix a slow leaking upstairs bathroom, you have a problem that will get bigger, not smaller.

Leaving these types of issues unresolved can make your ceiling unappealing to look at, unsafe, and also pose a health risk – least of all having a bathtub land in your living room why you are watching your favourite TV show.

The team here at Heron Ceilings know Perth and know ceiling restoration. Contact us today for a free quote.

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