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Repair Sagging Plaster Ceiling


Faced with a sagging ceiling?

Repair Sagging Plaster Ceiling Perth


Sagging Plaster Ceiling Repairs Perth

Take a moment to look up, and slowly inspect the whole stretch of your ceiling. Do you see areas that are sagging?

If your answer is yes, then it’s definitely time to call us!

Here at Heron Ceilings, we repair sagging plaster ceilings with the use of our industry-standard and top-notch ceiling repair solutions.

A bowed or sagging ceiling is more than enough to get you running to us for help. If you think it’s no big deal, then think again, because it can be a sign of something bad going on in your building’s structural and mechanical works.


Common causes 

Roof leaks

Many problems arise from a single leak on your roof. Most often, you become aware of the presence of leaks when it’s too late, and your ceiling is already showing signs of water damage.


While Termites often originate from beneath your property, they can work themselves up to your ceiling space. If your termite problem is detected late or left untreated, you may be faced with a major structural restoration.

Earth tremors or quakes

Even minor tremors can potentially cause structural damages to your building, particulary your ceiling. When you notice a sagging ceiling after such force majeure occurs, its best to contact us to rectify the issues sooner rather than later.


Repair Sagging Plaster Ceiling Perth


Damp or water damage is one of the most hassling issues you can encounter on your ceiling. Depending on the extent of the damage, sectional repairs may be applied or a total replacement has to be done. The underlying problem has to be addressed, first and foremost, to make sure that efforts on ceiling repair works will not be in vain.

Poor workmanship

Sometimes, the contractors we trust can fail us. A sagging ceiling can be the result of hiring workers who lack skill and experience. Their services may be cheap, but so is the quality of their work. In turn, you lose both money and time. Make sure to hire only well-trained and experienced specialists with proven track records. You may have to pay higher, but it can prove to be a more cost-effective choice in the long run.


Safety and health hazards

Repair Sagging Plaster Ceiling Perth


Safety and health hazards

If left unrepaired, a sagging ceiling can place you and your family members at risk for health and safety hazards. Again, do not wait for falling slabs of drywall or plaster to cause injuries to anyone in your household.

If a bowed ceiling is caused by damp or water damage, mould accumulation may be present already. Mould spores can cause mild to severe respiratory problems and allergic reactions. If you need help to repair a sagging gyprock ceiling caused by mould formation, Heron Ceilings has just the right service packages for you.

There are several ways to prevent your ceiling from sagging. But the only thing you need to remember, above all, is to make sure that you’re hiring reputable ceiling contractors for your ceiling installation or repair projects.

Look no further, because Heron Ceilings is here, always at your service!


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