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Gyprock Ceiling Repairs

Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth


Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth

For new residential construction projects, gyprock ceilings are a current trend. Gone are the days of laborious and time-consuming lath and plaster installations. In fact, aside from gyprock ceilings, house owners now have a variety of convenient options to choose from when it comes to home ceilings.

Gyprock or gypsum ceilings are highly affordable, easy to install, and most importantly, durable.
A lot of residential owners are now switching to gypsum boards for their ceiling refurbishment or maintenance projects.

However, no matter how durable a material is, there are things out of our control that cause them to get damaged.

That’s why Heron Ceilings is here at your service. As a reputable ceiling company providing gyprock ceiling repairs in Perth, you are guaranteed of utmost quality maintenance solutions from our well-trained, dependable, and experienced ceiling masters.


Common causes for Gyrock ceiling damage

Unsecured nails

Often due to poor craftsmanship, nails that are not well secured during the installation process will, over time, pop through causing damages to your ceiling structure.

Water damage

This is a common cause of extensive damage to your gyprock ceiling. The root cause of this may be a bigger structural damage which you have to primarily attend to. A roof that’s leaking, defective gutters, malfunctions and breaks in overhead pipework, heavy impacts from upper floors, and other possible structural problems—these issues should first and foremost be sorted out before proceeding to the actual gyprock ceiling repair process.


Gyprock Ceiling Services Perth


Whether it’s a small or a large crack, you should ask for assistance from repair specialists so it can be thoroughly inspected and evaluated. Even the smallest cracks in your ceiling can possibly create a butterfly effect that will eventually cause major damage not only to your ceiling but to your walls and foundations as well. You can’t be complacent. Most often, where traces of moisture exist, cracks develop on ceilings.

Loose joint tapes

For thicker joint compound applications on gyprock ceilings, joint tapes are being used. However, these joint tapes can sometimes come out or become visible, especially when there is presence of moisture.


Unfortunately, termites can cause gyprock ceiling damage. The best way to prevent extensive termite damage is early detection. This is where the importance of regular ceiling check-up and maintenance comes in. You can also try to look out for signs of termite damage in your ceiling. Some of the possible signs include: bubbling of paint, small holes, and crumbling or decaying boards.



Finding a solution

Gyprock Ceiling Repairs in Perth


Gyprock ceiling repairers

Both the internal and external environments bring about various elements that affect the materials of our residential structures.

Aside from the environment, we are also guilty of not taking enough care of our home’s exterior and interior spaces. Amidst our busy lives, we should take a moment and look around. Maybe it’s time for a ceiling maintenance project?

For all your ceiling repair and maintenance needs, turn to no one but Heron Ceilings. We assure you of our top-quality and industry-standard ceiling installation and repair solutions. On top of that, we have the best, widely experienced, and coolest team of ceiling masters at your service!

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