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Damp Water-damaged ceiling Repair

Whether you own a home or are renting one, the need for repair or maintenance works is inevitable. Your house is ideally your safe haven. At the end of the day, this is where you can find utmost comfort, convenience, and safety.

If there are damaged areas in your home, such as broken windows, cracked or water-damaged ceilings, and defective furniture, your safety and comfort nest might turn into a place of hazard and inconvenience. Don’t wait for this to happen to one of your most valuable investments.

When faced with minor or major structural defects at home, attend to them right away by calling the experts.

One of the most commonly encountered problems with regards to your home interiors is a damp or water-damaged ceiling. Aside from being unsightly, damp areas in your ceiling can be signs of a more serious trouble.

There are different types of damp that can affect a building’s ceiling works but the following are the most common for residential spaces.

Each type has an appropriate method of treatment. That’s why it’s necessary to consult the experts when it comes to damp ceiling repair.


A damp ceiling

Condensation dampness

When the temperature and humidity in your home is high, warm and moist air can condense on ceilings and walls. There are specific areas in houses that produce a good amount of air moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. This problem usually occurs during winter, when the temperature of your walls and ceilings become much lower compared to the circulating air inside.

This is aggravated when the heating system is turned on and then cools down, producing warm, damp air that condenses. Poor ventilation can also contribute to this.

Condensation damp can cause damage to plaster and paint and can lead to mould formation. For a worst case scenario, ceiling technicians have to repair plaster ceiling with drywall replacement.


damp ceiling repair

Penetrating dampness

A penetrating dampness is mostly due to a structural problem like a leaking roof or faulty gutter.  It can easily spread across your ceiling and into the walls. Broken pipes from an overhead plumbing system may also be the cause.


When it’s time to contact the experts

Damp Ceiling Repair Perth


Damp Ceiling repairs Perth

If you are seeing damp or wet patches on your ceiling, it’s not something you should easily pass up. In fact, it’s enough cause for alarm. If you keep ignoring it, you might end up dealing with worse troubles and spending more on ceiling repair from water damage.

Our well-trained, highly experienced, and reliable ceiling professionals at Heron Ceilings employ only the most appropriate and tried-and-tested treatment methods for either drywall or plaster ceiling repair from water damage.

Always bear in mind that, the ceiling above you needs the care and treatment it deserves. If you ensure that your ceiling is well-maintained, it will serve its purpose for years and keep you and your family safe and comfortable.
At Heron Ceilings, we treat your ceiling like it’s our own. So whether we’re undertaking a simple ceiling inspection or a large ceiling drywall repair in your abode, you can guarantee that you’re getting the best service.

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