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Ceiling Crack Repair in Perth


Ceiling Crack Repairs Perth

Ceiling cracks, however small, should not be taken for granted. They can be potential signs of worse problems in your ceiling, roof, or other structural aspects of your home. Once you see them, have them inspected by trustworthy and well-experienced specialists for ceiling crack repair.

Our well-trained and highly dependable repair experts here at Heron Ceilings are at your beck and call. They will make sure to prevent further ceiling problems from occurring, and implement top-notch and industry-standard crack ceiling repair solutions that won’t break your bank.

There are several types of ceiling cracks that you need to look out for in your abode. Whether major or minor, it’s crucial to act on them as soon as possible and get professional help.


The different types of cracks


Spiderweb cracks

These cracks are named as such because they resemble fine spiderwebs running through your ceiling. One of the reasons for this is the overlaying of paints or coats over the years. The old layers under the topmost coating become frail in the course of time. Changes in humidity and temperature cause them to expand, and these older coats start to crack. Such occurrence creates a butterfly effect that causes fine crack patterns to develop in the topmost layer.

If you have a drywall ceiling, drywall mud issues may be causing these spiderweb cracks. Upon installation, drywall pieces are joint together with either drywall tape or a compound mixture referred to as “drywall mud.” When installers make the mistake of applying coatings that are overly thick, after the mud dries out, shrinking occurs, resulting in cracks. Such is due to low-quality workmanship. This is why it’s important to hire only trusted and skilled workers from a reputable ceiling company.

Crack Ceiling Repairs Perth

Small plaster cracks

If you have a plaster ceiling system in your house and small cracks are already noticeable, they could be due to moisture or frequent impact from overhead movements. What repair experts can do with this is to reapply plaster. For larger cracks, complete removal of the old plaster may be done, and a drywall surface is placed instead.

Cracks in a ceiling-wall intersection or truss uplift cracks

There’s this phenomena called “truss uplift,” which occurs when the trusses of your roof are affected by temperature and humidity changes, causing them to shift or move a bit. This is not rare, and most residential structures are designed to withstand such occurrence. The cracks usually run on to walls that are perpendicular to the trusses’ position. Although this can be common, it is still best to contact repair experts to conduct a thorough inspection.


Raising the red flags

Ceiling Crack Repair Specialists


Spotting the cracks

Cracks in a bowed ceiling

A dipped or bowed ceiling with accompanying cracks may be due to damaged ceiling trusses, an overhead load, removal of a structural wall without proper additional support, or mistakes in ceiling installation. This is one serious problem and should be addressed immediately. You do not want to experience the worst case scenario of your ceiling falling on you.

Long, continuous cracks from one area of the ceiling up to the bottom part of the wall

This is due to a possible structural or foundational problem. When you see accompanying signs in other areas of your house like sagging floors or stuck-up doors and windows, you have to act fast and start with repair works right away. These defects may be caused by earth tremors, sinkhole issues, or landslide incidents.

Multiple cracks and wide diagonal cracks running across your ceiling

Long cracks measuring ⅛ inch or more definitely need repair. Don’t wait for them to rip apart. These cracks may be due to extreme impact or structural issues. To make sure you and all the people in your household do not get into any more trouble from ceiling incidents, you have to commence a ceiling repair project right away. Safety should be your priority.

If you are in need of a reputable company for ceiling crack repair in Perth, turn to Heron Ceilings. We guarantee excellent and first-rate workmanship that’s worth your trust and investment.

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