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Ceiling renovations can breathe life back into your space. Whether it is because you are restoring an older home, remodelling your existing commercial premises, or your ceiling needs some TLC thanks to water damage or other wear and tear, it is an important structural and aesthetic component of any room.

Ceiling renovations involve more than dealing with ornate plaster work or repair work.

Ceiling Renovations Begin With The End In Mind

At Heron, we specialize in ceiling renovations in Perth, and consider the goal that our clients are working to achieve, and how it fits in with the overarching look and feel of a space – for either commercial or residential.

We consider who is ultimately using the space, the term of use, and of course, what you are wanting to express visually.

Ceiling Renovations
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Ceiling Renovations Work

Ceilings can help make a statement about your space, and tie the look and feel of your room together – be it a luxurious otherworldly feel that requires ceiling roses and architraves, or a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams to create more of a coastal feel in your Perth home, we want to make sure that your project flows with other elements.

We Consider Why The Ceiling Project Is Happening

Whether you have a sagging ceiling that needs fixing, or you are considering the removal of your existing ceiling so that you can add some height to your room, our professional team can help.

Sometimes storm damage to a property can expedite the entire process, and a ceiling renovation becomes a priority, so we consider all options including ceiling renovation cost also, which might mean that the entire ceiling is not removed and replaced.

Sometimes a ceiling addition (such as a suspended ceiling) may be a better alternative, not only for time, but also for budget. It can give your space a new lease of life, and close a chapter neatly on what may have been causing stress.

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Sometimes there can be underlying structural issues, so we want to ensure that you get the right solution. Whether your Perth Hills home has encountered termites who have eaten away at load bearing beams, causing your ceiling to sag, we know that building history does not have a predefined age limit.

We consider if there are any structural issues or other pressures (such as extensions or additions to a space) that need to be addressed before we start building a new beginning in your room.

It’s also important to ensure that what is happening in one space with a ceiling flows through to other spaces – both inside and outside.

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Fit Outs

Ceiling Renovations Perth

We Work With Other Trades

If your renovation or restoration project means that you have engaged with other professionals such as architects or interior designers, we understand the importance of working collaboratively to achieve the end goal for you.

Whether you are embarking on a small project for one room or workspace, or you have larger ceiling renovations in mind, the team at Heron are available to provide our skills & expertise. Simply reach out today.

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