Suspended Ceilings: How Much Will It Cost You to Install?

As Perth’s top specialists in ceiling solutions, we at Heron Ceilings know the best approaches to dealing with fixing upper interiors better than anyone. We are also proud to offer specialised knowledge of different ceiling types, premium workmanship, and a customised approach to every project. We help our Perth customers plan, choose, budget, and implement ceiling solutions that are right for them and them alone. 

One type of installation that’s seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years is suspended ceilings. Many of our Perth customers have requested an overhaul of their ceiling in favour of such a system, which can really highlight the beauty of their home. For our part, we are more than happy to exercise our expertise in installing suspended ceilings Perth residents truly enjoy. If you’re looking into suspended ceilings for the first time, you’ll be keen on discovering the aesthetic value, function, and cost-effectiveness such an architectural element can offer! 

Read on below for a brief introduction of the various advantages of suspended ceilings, the factors involved in the cost of installation, and how these costs stack up against other ceiling solutions. 

What Distinguishes Suspended Ceilings from Other Ceiling Solutions?

Also known as a “dropped ceiling,” “stretch ceiling,” or even “French ceiling” for its prevalent use in France throughout history, the suspended ceiling consists of secondary ceiling layers that are constructed just below a building’s main ceiling. Even if this is the first time you’ve heard the term, you may have already noticed this style of ceiling in a chic and modern-looking office lobby, or perhaps even in a posh hotel. 

Two design fixtures are key to the construction of a suspended ceiling system: the use of grids and the use of tiles. On this ceiling system, it is typical to see grids—either attached to the walls or suspended on wires—acting as the extended layer of the primary ceiling. Both the grids and the tiles can incorporate a wide assortment of colours and textures—it is up to our clients to choose the materials, style, and overall design effect that they truly desire.  

Benefits of Installing Suspended Ceiling Systems

There are notable advantages to installing a suspended ceiling. For us, and for our many Perth clients, it is a perfect union between style and function.

This type of ceiling can improve a room’s aesthetic value by:

  • making even limited space look more expansive and dynamic;
  • affording the entire space a more modern and geometric feel;
  • changing the atmosphere to seem cleaner and more organised with the use of straight, uniform lines and shapes, and;
  • affording the room a more creative and yet professional ambience.

On other hand, the setup also maximises function by:

  • improving the acoustics of the whole area, with materials like fibreglass acting as effective noise trappers and mufflers;
  • obscuring structural imperfections such as cracks, stains, rusty pipes, or exposed wiring in the upper interiors;
  • minimising static electricity and vulnerability to combustion, and;
  • enhancing the lighting and insulation in the room.

A simple remodeling job on your upper interiors to include a dropped ceiling can make a whole room look like a million dollars. But contrary to what new customers might assume, the process won’t demand nearly as much from your budget! It all boils down to your choices, your arrangement with your contractor, and a little additional follow-up spending for maintenance.  

Cost to Install Suspended Ceilings Perth Homeowners Will Love

Four things factor into the cost of installing a dropped ceiling: the materials involved, the size dimensions of the ceiling, the involvement of a contractor, and additional trimmings.

Cost of Materials

Your project cost is largely determined by the types of material you’re incorporating in the setup. Choices of material for tiles and panels can range from fibreglass and mineral fibres to tin, plastic, and premium fire-rated wood.

You will have to ask your suppliers what the price range is for each type of tiles and for the grid system that you have your eye on.

Cost by Size Dimension

Size dimensions also matter in the overall cost of the project. In Australia, it is typical to charge for suspended ceiling installation per square metre. You might expect to pay anywhere from 30 AUD to 55 AUD per square metre, depending on the types of grids and tiles that you will be utilising. 

Cost for Installation Service

To be clear, you do have the option of installing a suspended ceiling on your own, and if that is the case, then the only expenditures you will have to worry about will be for the materials. If you feel safer and more comfortable entrusting installation to the pros, however, you should expect to set aside anywhere between 48 AUD and 50 AUD per hour of labour. Naturally, an elaborate job like a dropped ceiling installation will likely cost you more than the average straightforward ceiling job. 

Cost for Additional Trimmings

Lastly, you can opt to have additional trimmings included in the setup. Perhaps you’ll want decorative mouldings or cornices to be part of your suspended ceiling’s design. The prices for moulding and cornice installation are usually determined per linear metre, and this can range from between 4 AUD to 16 AUD. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Costing for Suspended Ceilings

  • Is it more cost-effective to install a dropped ceiling on my own?As we’ve answered above, you will likely end up paying only for the material costs if you choose to do the installation work yourself. In our opinion, however, deferring the work to experts is worth the additional cost. You will be paying not only for the materials, but also for your contractor’s knowledge of different design principles, for their expertise on safety and industry regulations on suspended ceilings, and their ability to deal properly with the structural and engineering issues that may arise.
  • Is this sort of ceiling system expensive to maintain?Not at all! One of the most wonderful things about this ceiling system is how easy it is to maintain. Any damage to tiles, grids, or the overall ceiling structure can be quickly addressed and replaced. Spending for maintenance will be a fairly straightforward affair, with you only needing to shell out when there’s wear and tear.
  • Is it better to install a suspended ceiling than to overhaul the entire ceiling?Yes! It will definitely be cheaper to cover up exposed duct work, cracks, or ceiling stains with a suspended ceiling rather than carrying out a full-on renovation. With their creativity and resourcefulness, our people at Heron Ceilings can disguise any cosmetic imperfection that you want to hide. 

If you have any other inquiries pertaining to ceiling materials, installation, maintenance, and repair, do feel free to contact Heron Ceilings. Expect only professionalism, quality workmanship, and personalised customer service when you choose us as your contractor!


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