Different Types of Ceiling Cornice Styles

A ceiling cornice is the type of moulding that joins the top of your interior walls to the ceiling. Not only can cornices help to conceal cracks, but they can also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of a room by creating visual interest. With so many different types of ceiling cornice styles on the market, it can be tricky to decide which best suits your home or business. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish contemporary renditions of standard cornice profiles to inspire your next project.


The Cove Cornice

The Cove cornice is a well-loved choice for many Australian home builders. It is easily identified by a singular, simple curve that blends beautifully into any room, allowing other points of interest to stand out. This can function as a great starting point from where you can upgrade to different types of ceiling cornice styles. It is available in three profiles (55mm, 75mm, 90mm sizes) and a variety of lengths to suit different ceiling heights and interior aesthetics.


The Linear Cornice

Characterised by its minimal, architectural lines, the Linear decorative cornice is a stylish alternative when considering a square edge finish. It is a popular choice if you are after a modern residential or commercial interior. This paper-faced decorative cornice has a length of 4200mm, a 75mm profile, and is very easy to install, either on its own or as an upgrade to a standard cornice.


The Cairo Cornice 

The Cairo decorative cornice looks like a set of sharply defined steps that are upside down. These distinctive angles enable you to create a sensation of height and space in any room. This paper-faced decorative cornice has a length of 4200mm and comes in three profiles: 2 step (50mm), 3 step (75mm), and 4 step (100mm). Available in a variety of sizes, this cornice is best suited to a modern interior.


The New York Cornice

Just like the well-known city it is named after, the New York cornice brings an understated elegance with a modern edge to any interior. The pairing of sleek, straight lines and gentle curves gives it a sense of sophistication and the illusion of more space. If you are renovating, this cornice is one of the best styles you can use to give your interior a facelift. This paper-faced decorative cornice has a length of 4200mm and a 90mm profile, and can easily be installed over the top of an existing 55mm standard cornice. 


The Sydney Cornice 

Classy and elegant, the Sydney decorative cornice brings a stylish edge to any interior. The balance of smooth curves and straight lines provide visual interest to complement many kinds of interior aesthetics. This paper-faced decorative cornice has a length of 4200mm and a 90mm profile, and is very easy to install as an upgrade to a standard cornice.


The Manly Cornice

The Manly cornice is defined by its contoured, subtle lines that brings a touch of decoration to many types of interiors. It has an understated, smooth look that complements most ceiling heights. This paper-faced decorative cornice has a length of 4200mm and a 75mm profile, and a consistent quality that makes it easy to install as an upgrade to a standard cornice.


The Shadowline Cornice

Just like a Shadowline ceiling, this style of cornice helps to add a sleek, elegant effect to a room. Although it is characterised by its minimal effect, it comes with a range of mouldings that can be applied, allowing a touch of personality and character. Creating a Shadowline cornice is an affordable and simpler alternative to the Shadowline ceiling, enabling you to also hide any rough edges after the ceiling and wall sheets have been cut. 


The Aria Cornice

With a linear geometry and smooth surface, the Aria cornice beautifully complements contemporary interiors. 4800mm in length, the slim 75mm profile creates a subtle elegance that does not detract from the rest of the room. Simple yet striking, it can be a great finishing touch to a contemporary space. 


The Duo Cornice

Characterised by its sharp and slim lines, the Duo cornice makes a bold yet elegant statement in any modern interior. This decorative cornice has a length of 4800mm and a streamlined 50mm profile, which can be a great choice if you are after an Art Deco look. 


The Presto Cornice

The clean, simple lines of the Presto cornice mimics the look of square setting. The minimal style of cornice helps to maintain a sense of space. Featuring a length of 4800mm and a 90mm flat face that creates a 15mm step along the ceiling, the Presto cornice is easy to install for a modern look and in multi-residential projects.


The Tempo Cornice

Featuring crisp, clean shadow lines, the Tempo cornice can help you freshen up an existing space. Its bold 90mm profile means it is highly visible and can enhance a sense of space in any contemporary interior. If you are renovating, this 4800mm long cornice is easily installed over an existing Cove cornice, allowing you to give your interior a facelift without too much hassle.


The Ornate Cornice

Romantic and luxurious, a beautiful ornate ceiling is elegantly framed by an intricate ornate cornice. Whether your interior rooms need some restoration work or a style upgrade, our team at Heron Ceilings are experts at crafting and restoring ornate ceilings. If you are after a heritage-inspired style, we offer many ways in which the perfect ornate cornice can be tailor-made for your space.

There’s a Cornice for any Interior

No matter which interior design approach you take, the right decorative cornice can help to bring a sense of personality and add value to any space. When choosing a cornice, consider the size of your room, the height of your walls, the age of the building, as well as the other decorative elements already in place. While there are many different types of ceiling cornice options, designing a room is all about making each of the elements work together, so choose what works best for the overall interior aesthetic. 

Our experienced team of ceiling contractors here at Heron Ceilings are ready to work with you in bringing your design vision to life, as well as answer any questions you might have. We pride ourselves in crafting durable, high quality ceilings that our clients know to expect. Enquire today about how we can craft the perfect cornices for your commercial or residential space.

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