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Living in Perth, our ceilings are prone to cracks for a number of reasons. Some you may think of, and others may be less top of mind.

If you have ever looked at your ceiling and noticed a crack, you may wonder what caused it.
Great news, we have some common causes of cracks in ceilings so that you can determine whether your home could be in need of ceiling repair in future.

What can cause cracks in ceilings?

Ceiling cracks happen due to movement or stresses on any structures connected to the ceiling. Movement and stress for ceilings happen due to the following:

  • Changes in temperature
  • Movements to the foundations of the house
  • The additional load on top of the ceiling from an extension or water pooling
  • Structural problems in the house, such as termites eating a load-bearing beam.
  • Age and break down of materials

Change in temperature causes a house to expand (with heat) and contract (with cold). While roofs are designed to have some movement, ceilings are not always built with enough flexibility to handle these changes.

A house foundation will move thanks to what type of ground it is built on. Even in Perth, we get earth tremors, (and earthquakes) which cause the foundations to move, and ceilings to crack.

If you have purchased a house with an extension, or put one on, the additional load on a ceiling can create a crack, or, you can (unfortunately) end up with a leaky bathroomDepending on where you live, and what the structure of your house is made from, issues with walls or floors can cause ceilings to crack. Pesky termites can be an invisible problem in homes for a long period of time before it becomes structurally evident. They eat away at any dry materials, breed, eventually cause once strong load-bearing beams and formwork to lose structural integrity, and if not identified, eventually, collapse and impact other structures, like your ceiling.

Finally, if you occupy an older Perth building, like all things, your ceiling is likely to succumb to wear and tear from aging. Depending on the material used originally, you may notice ceiling cracks over time.

Let’s take a look at typical cracks you may notice in your Perth residence.

The ceiling crack is not the same colour as the ceiling paint.

If you notice discolouration on your ceiling, this could be the sign of damp from either a leaky roof, or a leaky upstairs bathroom or pipe running through the roof. It’s a good idea to hire a professional ceiling expert quickly, as this can become a much larger problem if it is left untreated.

There is a horizontal crack on the wall and the ceiling.

Remember how we discussed temperature changes? These types of cracks occur due to temperature changes and roof joists moving up and down causing the ceiling to crack, as it pulls on the ceiling plaster or gyprock.

The crack is a straight line

If you notice a straight-line crack in your home, this may be a signal that the joining sheets of gyprock or plasterboard have had an issue with the ceiling tape to join the two sheets together.

There are lots of cracks on the ceiling going in different directions

While these may be cosmetic, it is quite possible that there is another reason for multiple cracks. It’s a good idea to monitor them, by taking photos, and noting which direction they are going. If they start to extend in length or become deeper, it’s more than likely time to call in a professional to help you work out what is going on.

If you are looking for peace of mind, it’s always a good idea to reach out to a ceiling crack repair in Perth who knows your area and can help you sort out your ceiling cracks.

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