Commercial Ceiling Fit Outs

Turning a commercial space into a workable space that represents your business can be quite a process. It comes down to the impression that you want your customers and any members of your team to have when they walk into your zone.

One feature that can really make a difference to your workspace is the fit out of your ceiling.

Ceiling fit outs enable business owners to really play to the business brand, and help deliver on requirements in relation to health and safety.

Whether you are wanting to let your customers know that you are about keeping things simple, luxury, or innovation, the right ceiling fit out can help your work space in Perth convey that message.

The finish of your ceiling has the potential to indicate what your brand values are, especially when it comes to choosing the finish.   A plain white plasterboard ceiling is most likely to send a plain message.

A suspended ceiling made out of pressed metal or a different material can certainly make a statement. 

Choosing a qualified team to help you make that choice is a good first step.


Ceiling fit outs are a specialised area within the building trade, and ceiling contractors in Perth need to ensure they comply with the relevant building codes when completing ceiling installations.  Building codes and standards aren’t the only standards you want to reach.

When you are choosing a team, check on how you define the following and look for a ceiling contractor who matches:

Your level of professionalism  

What are their references like around project delivery on time and on budget, and how are any deviations handled.

Your definition of quality 

Can your contractor help you with a choice of materials. Think about what you are after with workmanship, and how the works are guaranteed after the project is completed

The price point and value you are looking for

Can your ceiling contractor provide a few options to help you choose the  ceiling fit out solution

The  qualifications and experience required

Does your contractor have a portfolio of work to give you confidence in the agreed price?

The level of customer relationship and personalisation your project needs

Check on whether you will work with one individual, or if you will be working with various people throughout the project.

The team at Elite work with architects, interior designers, builders and the client to complete commercial specs and meet design aesthetic requirements.

Fit outs for commercial ceilings will depend on the space, needs, and style, so let’s explore the options that our team are more than happy to assist with.


Material choices are one type of option to look at for your ceiling finish.

For commercial spaces, consider the following options:

Suspended ceilings

Recessed ceilings

Bullkhead ceilings

Suspended ceilings can meet both aesthetic and functional requirements in office or work space fit outs.   With the ability to be made out of a variety of materials, and customised to create varying shapes, they work well to create a statement in a space.

From a functional perspective, suspended ceilings have the capability to hide wiring, or even holes in ceilings and can be a cost effective design solution in a commercial space.

Recessed ceilings can work to create a contemporary and sophisticated look.   Sitting higher than the cornice line, they can sometimes be  installed to create a shadow line.  They work to create more space, and can sometimes be built up to allow for airconditioning ducts, or used in combination with bulkheads to signal different workzones.

Bulkhead ceilings drop down into space and can conceal utility services and provide cover for air vents.   Whether they are curved or straight-lined, bulkheads work great to highlight workspaces and can be very welcoming.  Consider the use of bulkheads in reception areas.

Once the style and type of ceiling have been chosen, consider their functionality beyond lighting and concealing services to your commercial space, and be sure that your construction meets relevant building codes.


Sound rated ceilings can help manage noise from different areas, or if you have a shared commercial space, from your business neighbors.

Whether it is to ensure confidentiality of conversations with clients and employees, or minimizing noise if your workspace involves production processes, a ceiling that is manufactured with sound rated materials can help achieve building requirements from a health and safety perspective.

The use of acoustic paneling can help you to minimize the transmission of sound both into and out of your building space. 

The Building code of Australia (BCA) requires that buildings deliver on occupant comfort and privacy, which is why the selection of the right materials for your ceiling installation is important.

When you combine all the required elements together, you want to ensure that your commercial fit out is in the best possible hands.   Be sure to speak with the professional team at Heron Ceilings to see how we can help you deliver a quality ceiling that is functional and represents your brand.

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