Ceiling Styles In Your Commercial Space

Ceilings are not simply functional – they also have a way of making or breaking the atmospheric and visual  appeal of a space. From suspended ceilings to timber and mesh, there are many ways a well-designed “fourth wall” can add value to your commercial space. 


Choosing the Right Ceiling

Certain styles of ceilings can improve people’s moods by making a space more inviting, while others have insulation properties that help lower the cost of your electricity bill. Here at Heron Ceilings, we pride ourselves in crafting durable, high quality ceilings that our clients know to expect. We’ve put together a list of ceiling styles that you can consider incorporating into your commercial space. 


Ornate Ceilings

The beauty of an ornate ceiling comes from its intricate details and unique ability to add character to a space. 

Whether your commercial space needs some restoration work or a style upgrade, our team at Heron Ceilings are experts at crafting and restoring ornate ceilings. From pressed metal to carved wood panelling, there are endless ways the perfect ornate ceiling can be tailor-made for your space.


Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings, also referred to as dropped ceilings, have long been a popular and budget-friendly option for our clients’ commercial spaces. They are the ideal solution for keeping vents, pipes, and wires out of sight while improving the acoustics in offices and conference rooms. There are different types of suspended ceilings that can be customised to get just the right design, colour, material, and texture to fit your space. 


Bulkhead Ceilings

These are lowered portions of ceilings that protrude from the existing ceiling for different effects. Such effects can be aesthetic or functional, depending on what you envisage for your space. For instance, an open kitchen could be fitted with a custom bulkhead ceiling that mimics the size and shape of the island it hangs above, thus creating visual harmony and adding visual appeal to the room. Additionally, it can be designed to enclose a range hood or hide wiring for recessed lighting. 


Timber Ceilings

Great for providing insulation, timber ceilings are a beautiful and natural design feature that require little maintenance. They can also be specially designed to increase the soundproofing or acoustic qualities of a space. This organic material carries highly versatile design potential, adding warmth and character to a room while complementing many colour palettes. Weathered and knotted wood are perfect for creating that rustic farmhouse look, while a uniform finish can add elegance and formality to a room. 


Exposed Ceilings

Exposed ceilings offer a great opportunity to get creative with the design of a space. Exposed rafters, additional windows, or custom lighting are just to name a few. Intentionally leaving the structural and mechanical components of the building visible makes them a design feature central to the overall “unfinished” aesthetics of the space. You may have seen such a ceiling in art houses, stylised cafes, and trendy retail stores. 


Expanded Mesh Ceilings

Expanded metal mesh ceilings can help you achieve a sleek, industrial aesthetic. They are a great option for spaces with large areas of ceiling to cover such as sports buildings, airports, and shopping malls. They offer better acoustic properties than exposed ceilings while providing similar visual impact. For renovation work, a mesh ceiling can be used to replace old ceiling tiles without having to disrupt the existing grid design.


Whether you are looking to spruce up a stuffy office environment, soundproof a conference room, or make a retail space more inviting, our dependable team at Heron Ceilings are ready to take on the task. We will walk with you from the planning and design stages through to installation, and offer maintenance if needed. From crafting the perfect suspended ceilings to restoring ornate ones, we have a variety of ceiling solutions for every budget to help bring your commercial space to life.

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