Ceiling Replacement & Repair Costs

Ceiling repair and replacement costs vary greatly. If you have an issue with your ceiling, you may be quoted anywhere between $200 to $5,000 to fix the problem. Why such a huge price range? 

Ceiling experts will quote you based on the specific requirements of your repair. To help them determine the price, they will ask you a range of questions about the problem, how long it’s been there, how old your house is and what materials the ceiling is made out of. They’ll also want to know if the repairs are urgent or if it’s part of a longer term renovation project. Finally, they’ll assess the situation at your location and then provide you with a detailed quote for the repairs.

What factors affect your ceiling repair quote? 

The final pricing of ceiling repairs or replacements may depend on a number of factors including:

  • The size of the room or size of the area requiring repairs.
  • The extent of damage.
  • Whether the old plaster needs to be removed or not.
  • The ease of access to the job (ceilings tend to cost more to repair than walls).
  • The quality and amount of materials required.
  • Any finishing touches or embellishments that are required.


Types of ceiling repairs & how much they cost

Your ceiling repair cost will vary and depending on the type of damage and level of repair you require. Below are some of the most common repairs and their average costs.

  • Plaster Ceiling Repair

Many modern homes have plasterboard ceilings, while older homes tend to have lath and plaster ceiling systems. Both of these types of plaster ceilings can suffer damage in the form of water damage, mould, dents, cracks and sagging issues.

When to worry? Small cracks and minor disfigurements may simply be cosmetic. However, more significant damage to the ceiling plaster should be looked at by a professional to prevent more costly or dangerous issues from developing.

What will it cost? Anywhere from $35 to $55 per hour or plaster ceilings repair cost is depending on the level of the damage.

  • Gyprock Ceiling Repair

Gyprock is a popular form of plaster used to create smooth, modern ceilings. While gyprock is a durable and cost-effective ceiling material, wear and tear or environmental damage can cause issues that may need repairing. The most common issues include water damage, cracks, loose joint tapes or termite infestation.

When to worry? Any damage that is more than cosmetic should be assessed by a professional as soon as possible. Left alone, damage to gyprock can get increasingly worse and pose a safety risk.

What will it cost? Typically around $50 per hour. The overall gyprock ceiling repair cost will depend on the extent of the damage.

  • Ceiling Crack Repair

It is not unusual for homes to develop cracks in the ceiling over time. Many of these are cosmetic, but some cracks may indicate a structural issue. Cracks can have a range of causes, including poor construction techniques, moisture problems, temperature fluctuations or drywall that has been applied to thickly.

When to worry? Long, broad cracks should be looked at, especially if they are in the middle of the ceiling. Cracks with a dip in them could indicate your ceiling beams are falling. If unsure, it’s best to get them looked at to protect the safety of your household.

What will it cost? Minor ceiling crack repairs cost can be between $500 and $800, while more major repairs can cost upwards of $1,000.

  • Damp Ceiling Repair

Water stains or mouldy patches on your ceiling can be caused by leaking pipes, storm damage or high humidity inside your room. Minor moisture issues can result in unattractive stains, while more serious issues can cause the ceiling panels to buckle.

When to worry? If you notice water damage to your ceiling, you should see if there is a leak and fix this as soon as possible. If the damage affects a large area or mould is spreading, you should get it looked at promptly to avoid an escalating problem.

What will it cost? For an average size room, damp ceiling repairs cost is usually between $500-$2,000.

  • Sagging Plaster Ceiling Repair 

Sagging ceilings can be caused by a range of issues such as roof leaks, dampness, termite infestations or structural weaknesses. 

When to worry? Sagging ceilings run the risk of collapsing and putting your household in danger. If you’ve noticed your ceiling sagging, it’s best to get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

What will it cost? Around $500 for minor repairs, and up to $2,000 to $5,000 for major repairs or replacements.

How much does it cost to replace your ceiling?

If the extent of your ceiling damage is significant, you may consider replacing the ceiling entirely. Ceiling replacements can either involve pulling down the existing ceiling and installing a new one or overlaying the new ceiling over the old. 

The average costs for ceiling replacement in Perth are between $90 to $120 per meter squared. Costs may vary depending on the materials used, size of the job, and any extra features required.

When to repair vs replace your ceiling?

Ceiling repairs tend to be more cost effective and less wasteful than full replacements. When it is done well, a repair will last 50 years or more and will return your ceiling to an excellent structural standard. Repairs typically don’t require insulation replacement or electrical services, and walls typically don’t require repainting after a repair.

Of course, it really depends on the extent of the damage to your ceiling. For extensive damage, it is often a better investment to replace the ceiling. If you are unsure whether to repair or replace, speak to a professional. We’d be happy to help.

A repair in time… 

If you’ve noticed damage to your ceiling, you should take care of the problem as soon as possible. A timely repair will prevent greater damage, save you from more costly repairs later on and keep your household safer.

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