Ceiling Ideas to Inspire You

A blank ceiling is like a massive, empty canvas. It holds great potential to breathe new life into any space. Not only can a ceiling have a functional benefit when adding elements like extra insulation, lighting, and improved acoustics, it can also improve the aesthetic appeal and spatial experience of any venue.

Whether you are revamping a commercial space to provide an improved servicescape, giving your living room a facelift, or making an office space a more appealing environment to work in, a thoughtfully designed ceiling Perth can make all the difference. Here are some creative ways you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial ceiling.

Experiment with Colour

  1. Monochrome: A bold wash of colour across the ceiling can be a quick yet stylish way to add an understated edge that complements the rest of the space with ease.
  2. Unexpected colour: Take the opportunity during a ceiling restyle to add a sense of quirky personality to any space by painting your ceilings in a non-traditional colour.
  3. Terracotta: You can get creative and pave your ceilings with terracotta tiles to recreate the warmth of a rustic, old-world Mediterranean building. Look up “commercial ceiling contractors near me” to find experienced builders like us who can help bring your bold design visions into the real world.

Ceiling Lights

  1. Feature lighting: Not only can a chandelier make a bold statement, it can also add elegance and class to any room. Invest in an ornate, stylised, or modern chandelier to provide a visual focal point and to give guests a prompt for interesting conversation. Lanterns, oversized light bulbs, or ceiling fans with a built-in light source can also be visually striking choices.
  2. Skylight: Let more natural light into your home or work space by installing skylights. Not only can you lessen your electricity bill, but your overall mood and experience of the space will be improved too.
  3. Recessed lighting: Gently illuminate any room by installing strips of light into a dropped ceiling. Depending on the way you style a venue, adding recessed lights to your ceilings can create a sleek, modern look or even a subtle, romantic effect. Get it expertly installed by looking up “commercial ceiling contractors near me” and choosing a reliable contractor.
  4. Handmade art: From hand woven rattan pendant lights to a DIY wooden beam with an in-built LED strip, the possibilities are endless. You can make your own personalised light cover by upcycling an interesting piece of furniture, or source an artistic piece from a local maker or artisan. 

Play with Patterns

  1. Ornate Ceilings: A staple of any heritage home, ornate ceilings add a sense of class and style to any space. Our professional team here at Heron Ceilings have extensive experience with restoring and crafting ornate ceilings, so ask us for a quote today. 
  2. Wallpaper: When applied intentionally, a patterned wallpaper can become a visually immersive decoration or even art form in a room. Either go traditional and get a readymade wallpaper of your choice, or personalise it by printing out your own designs and illustrations.
  3. Stenciling: Play with different tones, colours, and finishes by adding stencilled designs to a ceiling. You can focus the pattern around existing features like a chandelier or ceiling fan, or go bold and cover the entire ceiling. You can also visually divide the stencilled ceiling by installing faux beams to add a sense of character. 
  4. Shadows: Thoughtful use of lighting to create patterns can create captivating textures and patterns on the ceiling above. You can install multiple skylights that span across the entire ceiling in a defined pattern, or source hand-blown glass lights that cast visually striking shadows on the ceiling, doubling as a source of light while mimicking the effect of stencilled patterns and wallpaper.

Make the Most of Materials

  1. Exposed Ceilings: The open plan, industrial, warehouse look has been in vogue for a while now, and does not seem to be going out of fashion any time soon. A thoughtfully designed series of lighting and decorations set against the backdrop of an exposed ceiling really brings a sense of casual style to any venue.
  2. Layers: Have fun with multiple ceiling decorations and elements by layering them to create a stunning effect. You can get as creative as you like with this – from installing a complementary trio of themed wooden panels, beams, and lights to incorporating various sculptures and art, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Brick and Stone: Add a touch of warmth to any modern venue with earthy materials like brick and stone. Search up “commercial ceiling contractors near me”  to find a reliable team of designers and builders, such as us, that will provide advice on what patterns and colours of brick will best suit your space.
  4. Fabric: Just as you might see the ceilings of wedding venues draped in luxurious sheets of satin, you could incorporate different textures of fabric and fibres into your home or commercial space. Think thick woven ropes, faux greenery, upcycled Persian rugs, linen, and any other interesting tactile material cleverly enmeshed with subtle lighting. 

Professional Residential and Commercial Ceiling Contractors Near Me 

We understand that ceiling renovation is a huge task from which you want to see a return on your investment. To help inspire you, be sure to have a look at our project gallery to see some of the quality ceiling solutions and a variety of ceiling styles in commercial space we have provided for our treasured clients. 

We pride ourselves in superior workmanship when it comes to crafting durable, high quality ceilings that our clients know to expect. Enquire today about ceiling contractors Perth how we can work with you to create the perfect ceiling designs for your residential or commercial space.

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