Accessing 25k Grant For Building or Renovating

If you are thinking about getting building projects underway, or doing substantial renovations on an existing residence, then you are probably also thinking about the Homebuilder Grant announced by the Federal government.  The grant has been introduced as a means to stimulate the construction and building sector in the back half of 2020.

This is great news for Perth residents who are entering into  renovation and building contracts.  Taking time to think about the choice of your ceiling can really help you bring your rooms to life both from a functional and a stylistic perspective.   The right ceiling choice can be that hidden value-adding wow factor to your room and your home.

First, here’s a quick summary of what you need to know about the grant regarding what eligibility currently looks like:

To be eligible for the $25K Home builders renovation, you need to tick these boxes:

  • Be undergoing a new build or substantial renovation 
  • Be an owner-occupier, and a natural person (the property can not belong to a trust)
  • Earn up to $125K P.A according to your last tax return as an individual
  • Earn a combined income of $200K PA according to your last tax return as a couple
  • Live in the property for at least 6 months after the project is completed
  • Enter into a contract between 4 June and 31 December 2020
  • A new build needs to be under $750K  (house and land value)
  • The value of an existing property being renovated can not exceed $1.5Mil

How the grant can not be used:

  • For investment properties
  • For cosmetic purposes (e.g. landscaping, adding tennis courts, or swimming pools)
  • For stand-alone structures on the property (e.g. granny flats, stand-alone garages, outdoor spas and saunas)

To find out more about the grant as it rolls out to Western Australia, click here to stay up to date

The great news is, ceiling renovations can be included in your renovation, or new build.  Ceiling choices can add character to your home, be functional, improve the flow between areas, and even provide cost-effective solutions if you are looking at your total spend.

Let’s take a look at how ceilings play a role in either a new build or a substantive renovation.

Ceilings as part of new residential builds

This can include a knock-down rebuild project or a parcel of land where you are building your home.

If this option sounds like you, our experienced team can work with you or your builder to find a solution that fits with your structural and design requirements.

You may be familiar with a standard ceiling as seen in many display homes, yet, you can dramatically alter the look and feel of your home to create a statement by choosing from a variety of ceiling types in the construction of your home.

Recessed ceilings generally feature a centre that is higher than the perimeter of the room, and can create a wow factor, or allow you the option to install lights to highlight art work on your walls.

Bulkheads can be useful in kitchens or areas that you are wanting to perhaps hide wiring, and highlight a portion of a zone, such as a kitchen in an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge room.

Cornice choice and design may play a role depending on the feel you are wanting your home to have.

Think about your location, and if you are wanting to achieve a contemporary country aesthetic, or if you are coastal, and wanting more of a  Hamptons beach look and feel.

The opportunity to be creative and keep a quality finish is completely achievable when it comes to working with your ceiling.

You can explore exposed beams, pressed metal, ceiling roses, ornate architraves, or even suspended ceilings made from a variety of materials to help you get your dream home looking and feeling like you want.

Whether you are looking for a room to feel cozy and luxurious, or minimalistic and contemporary, the right ceiling choice can really ensure that any soft furnishing choices are complemented.

Heron Ceilings can help you think outside the box to get creative and explore more than standard ceilings for inclusion in your project.

Ceilings as part of substantive renovations

With residential renovation projects, the grant considers how your works will improve accessibility, liveability or safety of your home.   If you are in an older property, replacing a sagging ceiling as part of your renovations ticks those boxes.  This can be great if you have been living in an older home, and have found yourself wishing for a little extra incentive in the budget to do some needed repair works.

Likewise, if you find yourself extending your home either up or back, you may wish to consider how your renovations impact existing ceilings, and what is required on the new ceilings.

Things to consider in your renovation include both the structural impact on existing ceilings, and the aesthetic impact of new and existing rooms.

Structurally, you may find that an extension puts pressure on an existing room, leading to a ceiling needing to be replaced, or modified to allow for the change.

Aesthetically, an extension may impact the light that flows through to the room, giving consideration to skylights where they were previously not required, or looking at how ceiling choice complements the overall space.

How do you choose the right ceiling to include in your new home or renovation?

Take into consideration the overall look and feel you are wanting to achieve with your build or renovation.  Collect your ideas from magazines, or digitally, you can use Pinterest to save your works.

Whether you are undertaking a new build or undergoing extension and renovation works, we can work with you or your builder to help your vision come to life.  Our experienced team take pride in combining our knowledge of structure and style to deliver a quality ceiling that will last a long time.

To find out more about what material and design options are available to you for the residential ceiling component of your build or renovation, reach out to the team at Heron Ceilings today.

How recessed ceilings, bulkheads & cornice designs can make a big difference to your construction project.

Here’s a summary of what the grant is about, and how to get more information:

  • Tax free grant of $25K for new builds or substantive renovations
  • For eligible contracts entered into between 4 June and 31 December 2020
  • You must be an owner/occupier, and natural person (not company or trust)
  • Income caps are at $125K P.A for an individual or $200K for a couple
  • Investment properties are not eligible
  • You must continue to live at the property 6 months after the completion of works
  • Approved grants will be paid once at least $125K of the contract price has been paid.
  • It can’t be used for swimming pools, tennis courts, or landscaping

To find out more, and stay up to date with the roll out in WA, register here.


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