7 Stunning Bedroom Ceiling Ideas You’re Sure to Love

Have you ever laid in bed, looked up at your ceilings and thought that something is just quite right? What you’re looking at is a whole fifth wall that may be bringing down your entire home’s aesthetic by remaining bare and unadorned. Not sure what to do with it? Gain some inspiration by checking out our list of stunning treatments for bedroom ceilings Perth interior design experts can do for you!

Crown Moulding

One of the easiest and most classic ways to add some texture to your ceilings—if you don’t want to commit to a full redesign—is by using crown moulding. It’s easily applied along the seams where your ceiling meets the side walls. Decorative moulding has existed as far back as the ancient times, when Egyptians would carve elaborate designs onto the exteriors of their buildings and to border the bases of pillars. It was also present in ancient Greece, after they realised that instead of painting designs on borders, they could instead used carved stone or marble to create the same effect. As one of the most popular and most enduring design elements, mouldings come in countless designs and materials that you can use to match your interiors. 

Drop Ceiling

Also known as a floating ceiling or a false ceiling, a drop ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is hung just below your main ceiling. Though you’ll most often find drop ceilings in modern homes, they’ve actually been used since the 1300s in Japan. The Blackfriars Theatre in London also makes good use of dropped ceilings in order to boost the acoustics within the performance space. 

There are a number of ways to implement this particular design element. If you have a high ceiling, you may come to find that installing light fixtures right on them diffuses the brightness to the point where the lights are unusable. A dropped beam ceiling is an excellent solution to the problem, allowing light fixtures to be installed on them instead—and at the appropriate height.  

You can also go for the popular cut-out or suspended dropped ceiling, in which a piece of fiberglass or some other lightweight material is hung from your actual ceiling. From here, you can conceal your light fixtures behind the false suspended ceiling to create a more intimate atmosphere. The cut-out blocks much of the light instead of having it shining down on the bedroom’s occupants directly. What results is a dimmer, more private-feeling bedroom. 

Exposed Beams

Wooden beams evoke a rustic, country house sort of feeling, and can boost the warmth and cosiness factor in any bedroom. It’s widely used in beach or coastal homes, as well as ranch or farm houses. 

If you’d like to bring that warm, wind-worn character into your home, choose light or blonde-coloured wood, or paint them white to create an interplay between light and shadow. Thick and wide wooden beams in their original colour can also be a great way to jazz up a plain flat white ceiling. It could be a good idea to have some ceiling restoration work done beforehand—if your home happens to need it—for a pristine surface that will perfectly complement your striking new beams. 

Statement Paint

Statement walls or accent walls used to be all the rage in the early 2000s. It was an easy way to draw the eye to a single side of the room by using a bold colour, an interesting texture, or some other feature. 

Currently, designers are beginning to veer away from the concept, but statement ceilings are now coming into fashion as an effective way to create contrast in a bedroom. It’s best utilised if your walls are white or a light colour, or if you’d like to show off any decorative trim or crown moulding that’s been previously installed in the home. A ceiling painted in a dark colour creates a feeling of intimacy by making it look lower than it actually is, which then makes the room feel cosier. 

Recessed Ceiling 

Effectively the opposite of the dropped ceiling, a recessed ceiling is also called a tray ceiling, where the central portion is higher than the surrounding area. Depending on the implementation, it can be used to emphasise the height of a room as it draws the eyes upward, or it can make a large room feel cushier by lowering the surrounding area around the recess and making that the focal point. It’s a good way to vary the lighting in a single room, provide contrast, and add drama. 

Barrel-Vaulted Ceiling

There’s something peaceful about arches and rounded corners, right? Barrel-vaulted ceilings soften the edges of a room by creating a smooth curve from the wall to the ceiling. It creates height and dimension, while the arched circular shape fosters intimacy. You can then choose to go bold with a custom paint with a striking colour or a wallpaper pattern that you simply adore. If you love 19th century architecture, then have some plaster tracery installed instead for a textured look that’s regal and opulent without feeling heavy-handed.

Wooden Panelling

No one ever said that the wooden panelling used for floors can’t also be used for your ceilings. Blonde or light-coloured wood creates the same beachy, coastal feeling as exposed wooden beams do, without you having to shell out a significant amount of money for the thick, solid wood pieces required for the look. You can find wood that’s richly patterned, then leave them bare or paint them white for a clean but textured look that’s rustic without feeling too backcountry. Ceilings like these are best paired with airy interiors, with lots of light coming through from the outdoors.

When it comes to adorning your ceilings, keep the following keywords in mind: depth and texture. Anything that adds interest and draws the eye will likely be better than leaving them flat and white. Guide your design choices by taking the way the rest of the home has been decorated into account: is it simple and comfortable, contemporary and minimalist, traditional and ornate? 

Finally, before you decorate your ceilings, make sure that its problems are fixed. No amount of adornment can take away from sagging, stains, and plaster damage. Call in a Perth ceiling fixer so that these issues can be addressed before you start embellishing them.

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